Movie Review: John Wick 3 - Parabellum


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Do you like violence? Do you want to see a Belursian assassin stick 9-inch nails through a series of unnamed henchmen's eyelids? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you're in for a treat with baba yaga's latest instalment.

The most surprising movie to turn into a franchise in recent years has become an internet sensation thanks to Keanu Reeves and his iconic depiction of cold badassery as the retired contract killer John Wick.

The movie was most likely meant to be a stand-alone project but fans loved it so much the studios were encouraged to milk it into a trilogy and beyond. So is the 3rd instalment worth watching? Let's shoot through it shall we, I mean literally there's A LOT of shooting, so why not one more?


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What is John Wick 3 about?

Parabellum continues directly after the second movie as we see John try to escape his newly acquired excommunicado status.

After gunning down a member of the untouchable High Table and on company grounds this is a big no no and John needs to be made an example of in the shadowy international assassin's guild. The legendary hitman John Wick finds himself stripped of the organization's protective services and is stuck with a $14 million bounty on his head.

Wick must fight his way through the streets of New York as he becomes the target of the world's most ruthless killers.

What I thought of John Wick 3

First thing I have to get off my chest, this movie is WAY too long and the action scenes, while well-done drag out the movie to a point where you have murder fatigue. Personally though, after about 60 minutes I got a bit tired of the movie. There's only so many times someone getting headshot can be entertaining.

The movie is an endless line of contract killers coming up to Wick and them fighting. The sheer unfiltered violence and a constant fight for survival is where this movie does this well. There was even a fantastic sequence featuring German shepherds, the scene with the dogs added more excitement to the brutal showcase of John Wick's and Halle Berry's gun skills.

While these fight scenes are a highlight, they can't be the only thing to the movie and unfortunately, this is where I have to draw the line. John Wick 3 does very little by the way of character and world-building.

This is where it falls short, with the actual story.

There was an opportunity here to do more with the story, unfortunately, it took a backstage. It does not work to John's benefit, it makes him rather not so special - a flat and shallow character, apart of amazing survivability skills he has nothing else to offer.

  • Is he really just a blunt weapon, the tip of the spear, instrument of destruction?
  • You really start to question what is the whole point of this destructive adventure?
  • Why does he even bother any more?

We have here this faceless organization, their cruel motives and ways, their world dominance. The movie fails to explain this to us more or take us deeper down the rabbit hole on how this organisation has so much power.

Why not show John decide that this world needs to be torn down and taken down from the inside?

The story and subsequently the movie is severely lacking depth!

The entire 3rd act of the film is literally like watching someone play a video game with god mode on. Nothing stops him. He gets stabbed in the neck, that's ok.

Stitch it up, move on. People fire hundreds of rounds at him. It's ok, they all missed. He gets hit with two cars literally back to back.

He is literally a one-man army which we've all been lead to believe but surely there needs to be more to him than just rage mode.

He gets shot point-blank 5/6 times and falls out of a 4th or 5th story balcony, bounces off of everything and splats on the street, it's ok, he's still alive and just "angry" now.

My rating for John Wick 3

I liked the first two movies, both had a meaning behind all the action that takes place, this movie the plot is weak and the fight scenes way too long for the weak plot.

The best part of the movie is, of course, Mr Wick himself, as Keanu still portrays his character as the Boogeyman really well. I don't see how much longer they can milk this dead horse or it could quickly turn into a parody of what made the first movie and to an extent the second one such an instant hit with fans.

I'll have to give it 6 headshots out of 10

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Sooo a bit like this?


Basically yes! Lol I’m pretty sure an HD R.I.P. is available already online

I see mans now a 60 rep without even trying, lol! Look at you repping for steem and shit one would even mistake you for someone who cares

Posted using Partiko iOS

I watch almost no more movies, so in my 2-3 movies a year I was waiting so long for good quality of JW3 on the black market, but in the end, I couldn't wait anymore. So I downloaded a TS, normally I would not watch a movie that quality, but I was now waiting so long...
My plan was to watch later (probably after the 16th of July there should be good quality on BT) in Full HD and nice sound. But after watching part 3, I was so, but so disappointed that I will not watch it anymore in good quality. It would be a huge waste of time for me. And I'm even sure that I am not anymore interested in a possible 4th part of it. This movie was so flat that you could use it as your paper when writing a letter.

And @chekohler 's review really hits the nail.


thanks, I appreciate the fact that you take the time to read my reviews!

Lol I agree it was so flat, I think they were so focused on what people raved in the previous movies about that they overloaded it with action and were always going to make a 4th to drag it out. I would been much happier with them wrapping it up in an amazing trilogy we can rewatch instead of adding chapters we don't need.

Cool review as per usual. I havent seen this yet....will check it out when the wife is ready for violence....shes not a fan :)


Lol, thanks! I would imagine shes not a fan! even for me who likes a good action movie the amount of skop, skiet and donder was too much for me! So just let her know before the time, this won't be a pleasant ride


Thanks man....will do

I think you nail my thoughts on the movie 👍

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Thanks man, I’m keen to see the 4th one I just hope they wrap it up here and give us some sort of a story to follow!

The first one is still the best one!

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Yes they definitely left it open for another installment let's hope they do a great one next.

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