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I like you @derrick829 because you share my all favorite movie...thank you so much

Is this latest Jurassic park movie..??

Beautiful movie
I like it this Dtube channel
I appreciate your valuable post.

Excellent movie...dear @derrick829
And great post..I like your post every day.
Thanks for sharing with us this post.

Wonderful movie thanks for sharing with us
But it is incomplete


Wonderful movie D :) friend @derrick
Thanks for share

super movie really nice

  ·  3년 전

nice movie tnx for share

Awesome movie dear

Thank you so much for sharing. I'll watch this movie.@derrick829

Nice movie I like it thanks for sharing you always share such a beautiful and interesting movies.@derrick829

Wonderful movie. Thanks for share

Thank you very much, because it was my very favorite movie.Your posts really very beautiful

that's a amazing and interesting move.i love thisJurassic World Fallen Kingdom Featurette move tralier.


Wow!!! one of my favourite movie. Thanks a lot sir @derrick829 for sharing the amazing movie clip of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Featurette - Saving the Dinosaurs.

I just r esteemed your post
Really this is a wonderfull movie
Thanks for share

Hey dear friend @derrick I'm new joining steemit and new to your blog
Excellent movie. I love your post Thanks for share

Wow! It's a very good movie and my favorite movie. Thanks @derrick829!

Decent motion picture thanks for sharing, resteem


My most loved film. You're the best sir @derrick829 for sharing the astounding motion picture clasp of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Featurette - Saving the Dinosaurs. RESTEEM

I just r regarded your post. Extremely this is a wonderfull film

awesome movie and sound quality fantastic... thanks for this post

Another nice post.. thanks SIR REALLY.......

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i love you @derrick829 your all movi is my very fevourit

i love movies, upvote and resteem done