Reviewing The Movie Wonder!!

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This movie called Wonder is an American drama film made in 2017. This movie is about a kid named August Pullman that had a syndrome called Treacher Collins syndrome, which is a genetic disorder by deformities of the ears, cheekbones and chin. So August is a fifth grader that has been home schooled because everyone will stare at him and make fun of him. So his parents finally decided to put him in a public school. He wears a astronaut helmet so people don't see his face. On the first day, he made a friend, Jack will. When halloween came around, Jack was telling all his friends that he is pretending to be his friend because his mom wants him to. August then walks in the room and hears this conversation and he felt devastated. The other kids didn't know it was August in the room because he had a halloween costume on, so his face was covered up. Jack then later on finds out that August was in the room when he said that. Jack actually felt sorry for what he did and wants to be friends with August again and he accepts Jacks apology. As the movie goes on he keeps getting bullied by his class mates. Towards the end of the movie, Jack and August were getting bullied by 7th graders an then all of his class mates come and back him up. I really did enjoy this movie, it is definitely worth to watch.

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