#News-6/8/2018: The Flash would begin with its filming in February 2019

3년 전

This information complements the rumors installed a few weeks ago, which confirm the premiere of The Flash's solo movie for 2020.

The Flash's solo movie went from being one of DC Comics' fixed productions to postponing its production over the course of the months. In the first place, this is because he had several directors in charge during the last two years. Now with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein as a duo of directors, the situation began to take shape, and they would already be starting to work fully on the screenplay of the film, which will not be Flashpoint.


The latest information ensures that the pre-production has already entered into advanced stages and would have scheduled the start of filming for February of next year. This information is complemented by the rumor installed a few weeks ago, which predicted the premiere of The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, by mid 2020.

With these productions on track, the now called The Worlds of DC begins to have a glimmer of hope on the horizon, with a strengthening of their solo characters to reunite them in a hypothetical Justice League 2

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Thank god they're not doing Flashpoint. Remember what happened with Justice League and learn to walk before you run DC.