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Synopsis:TV series (1996-2004). 100 episodes Tells the story of an intelligent boy, with a head in the shape of a football and the smallest inhabitant of a multi-ethnic neighborhood, a dreamer who only lives for baseball and lives with his grandparents. In the series most of the characters have a physical appearance similar to the Oblongs but not so frightening. Since Harold has his football mouth and ears around, Eugene has a Pencil neck and a strange hairstyle that looks like a stiff, spitty dog food, Sid and Stinky have a huge nose, etc. The strategic position of your neighborhood offers you infinite possibilities of adventures.

Review: The creator of the Nickelodeon animated series Craig Bartlett finally gives us an ending to the television series, answering the main question of the audience: what happened to Arnold's parents? Question that did not resolve the previous movie in 2002 on the big screen, but it is back to the small screen.
Returning to all the characters that have gone through the series, from the boy on the stairs to the bird man, the film is faithful both in the animated design and his personality. It reminds us of Gerald's urban stories, the relationship with Phoebe, Eugene's bad luck, Harold's gluttony, and so on, even the late Bob locators. Anyway, those who grew up watching the series in the 90's will be delighted with every nod to the characters, no matter how short their relevance.
The film, not being the final chapters of the series, fills the plot with very good gags and references of the cinema. The grandparents are still the same irreverent, being accompanied by other characters such as Curly, Brainy, Abner, among others, do not get more than a smile. The references on the other hand are well coupled, are on a ship, lends itself to a nod to Titanic; An airport? Let's leave it to the grandfather to parody the romantic comedies, and so take advantage of occasional moments without abuse.
As for the dubbing, I will not take sides, I was waiting for the movie to see it in Latin, but unfortunately on Thursday, April 26, it was released, I could not see it, which is why I ended up watching it with Spanish dubbing, which I will not profess complain. As for the animation, as I mentioned before, it is well made, following the artistic style of the creator with a very vivid color palette. The only detail, are the funds of the city, are not the same style of popular district of the series, which shows something more gothic, dirt, chaos, nothing of perfection, while in this film the stratum is understood, but It does not capture that essence of caricature drawing, with those digital strokes. Although those details do not play much because the film is in the jungle, that mysticism of urban legends is lost, this time, moved to the jungle.
Will Helga Pataki finally declare her love to Arnold? That must be seen also of course, there is no Arnold series or film without the monkey. In fact, she and Arnold are the ones who present the most dramatic and memorable moments of the film, perhaps some make them weep and others enchant. The tape aside from solving the romances or the mystery of the parents, solves simple things such as the surname of the protagonist. Better said Craig Bartlett thought about the fans.

There is not much to talk about the plot. It's very simple, so much so that the same tape mocks it in an ironic way, the mystery becomes a joke. Arnold goes to San Lorenzo to know the truth about his parents, are they alive, are they dead or are they still missing? Do not go deep into it, as I mentioned, on the way it lends itself to several parodies, but the purpose of the story is this, to resolve this concern and one or two along the way.
The series was characterized by moral messages, however, in the film, the message is very simple: help others. This was somewhat shocking to me, since Arnold has always been born to help others, but in this plot, he is just looking for a personal benefit over others. I say this mainly because of the beginning of the film, in the development, of course that our protagonist is heading, with the help of his friends, of course.
One of the aspects of the film that definitely did not sumo, was music. Very low profile, the only introduction of the series is fabulous, what happened to Jazz? Maybe it's a lot to ask after 20 years, we thank the fact of dubbing the movie in Spanish and ending the series, although with some mysticism at the end.
In short, it is good to know, that not everything is profit in the animation industry, it is very pleasing to get the end of those past series cut abruptly, Craig Bartlett joins the list of authors like Genndy Tartakovsky of Samurai Jack, in having a second chance to conclude his work. Off Topic gives him a score of 7/10, being a fan of the series and after having enjoyed the film so much, I am forced to value it with an 8/10.

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