Avengers Endgame - Time Travel Explained #2

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The next is that the time travel of Thanos and his daughters Nebula and Gamora into the future caused a lot of confusion because they are missing in the past - Thanos was killed, Nebula from the past was killed by Nebula from the future and Gamora simply stayed in the future. How could this happen without having an impact on the future?

As I have already explained in the first part of the time travel theme, it should now be obvious that this is possible, if you start to see time travel with other eyes or if you start to think differently about this topic with Marvel.

Everything that Thanos, Nebula and Gamora have done from the main timeline in their past, they have still done and experienced, i.e. everything that has happened in the MCU so far, everything that we have seen in the movies so far, has not changed, it has all happened that way.

Through time travel into 2014, time and the universe have split and a new timeline and parallel universe has emerged. This means that the Thanos from the past is now a Thanos from another time line and since he died in the main time line, this Thanos no longer exists in the parallel time line. And this also means that the Thanos from the main reality has never travelled through time into the future. All this also means that the Infinity War and the Snap of Thanos also happened, in the main time line, but not in the emerged parallel timeline/universe. There he is dead from that moment on when he travels through time to the main time line, where he is then defeated.

What many also regard as a logic mistake is the reversal of the snap by Professor Hulk. Hulk could have undone everything with his snap, and with everything i mean really all events, the snap of Thanos and even everything before the snap to stop what Thanos intended to do with the Infinity Stones and with that would completly everything undone and even all actions would be impossible in Infinty War and Endgame.

But on Tony Stark's urging this is not done, instead Hulk takes back all beings that had disappeared into thin air five years ago by the Snap of Thanos, without changing anything. There are no changes. What happened in the five years, happened. So everyone came back to the time Hulk did the snap, and not five years back.

This only happened because Tony wanted it so. He did not want to lose his daughter. This zero change is an absolute condition from him. And here it gets interesting again, because here Tony Stark aka Iron Man plays God in a certain way. Now you can decide if the selfless Iron Man wasn't so selfless and acted very selfish instead.

source This graphic explains/shows it best

gauntlet - left.png Part 1 https://steemitimages.com/0x0/https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmRUFahmqdPMRTwfwrB2cjEKRaTwVHvuwwB3paokRzKkTa/wolf%20gif%20-%2096x95.gif https://steemitimages.com/640x0/https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmZxQSHUGSrEDhoEbPEPTkgV61ASZPHy42PCLEBVZWUQkN/blanco%20png%2020x20.png Part 3 gaubtlet - right.png

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Thanks for your comprehansively writen content dear @oendertuerk . And i want to write my view of Avengers, Endgame.

I ve seen the movie on the cinema. The idea of bringing the heroes of myths and marvel's legendary heroes together may sound great but, in my personal thought, the idea met with a huge fiasco. To polish some characters they need to limit some others.
Unfortunately, i would to say that, it was a waste of time, at least for me.


That's bad to hear @octobre. It's true that Marvel has integrated many mythological characters and their powers and backgrounds into his comic world. For me personally it doesn't matter if that work or not, it's just a comic and more fantasy than reality. :)

@oendertuerk ,this is best ever emotional ending cinema i had seen

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No they didn't go back five years because Tony was Selfish. It's because they want the infinity stones to remain destroyed. Also in the words of the ancient one: It's the infinity stones are the ones that makes alternate timelines and once you bring them back to when you borrowed them, you destroy the alternate timelines. I don't know about the soul stone though.


I watched the part of the movie where The Ancient One and Hulk/Bruce Banner talk on Youtube (here) a few times. The Ancient One doesn't say that by bringing the stones back to the right moment the emerged timelines will disappear, but it's Bruce Banner who suspects it and and convinces The Ancient one with this idea. Whether it really is the case that the alternative timelines are disappear by bringing back the stones is not said and in the comics it's not the case that the timelines disappear again. The Soul Stone is also brought back, but without undo the death of Black Widow.

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