STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER - What to expect from the movie?

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The last chapter of one of cinema's most important and acclaimed sagas is heading for its conclusion. From December 18-20 this year (the premieres are different in many countries) the world will know the outcome of a story that began in 1977 and after 9 films will be finalized.

Relatively early (considering the movie's release date) the final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer has been released and as expected, the comments are popping up everywh.

For the most part, the audience seems to be quite enjoying the result that is seen in the trailer... But is it just a fan feeling, or why is the definitive preview before the official release really good? Answer: The trailer is amazing and deserves all the hype (although it has some questionable aspects).

Apparently, this long-awaited sequel (directed by J. J. Abrams) will answer some of the questions that still frustrate many people for not being well explained in previous episodes, or even for being actually ignored or even forgotten. In addition, the script seems to bet on a change of tone in the approach to the plot... Betting on a more personal and intimate narrative line.

An epic conclusion (and with the potential to cause many surprises... good or bad, depending on one's view) is yet to come, and this reunion of new characters with old characters is one of the aspects that clearly proves this. However, despite this strategy of betting on a reunion to cause a nostalgic commotion is nothing new and so I still have my caveats if this saga will end in a really satisfying way.

As a Disney product, the visual effects show was expected and the trailer never disappoints in this regard. Some of the action scenes appear to be grandiose (and take place in scenarios that match the complexity of the facts), well-engineered, and are sure to ensure a frantic, wild, exciting, and dramatically charged journey in this ultimate struggle of good against evil.

Another aspect to be highlighted is the soundtrack composed by the excellent John Williams. His work is iconic and will surely be, once again, one of the highest points of the project because everything intensifies and becomes more important when his chords come up... Adding an essential weight to what is being built and counted on the screen.

However, I confess that I haven't been convinced yet (especially after the previous sequence, which is just horrible!), But no doubt judging by what can be seen in this trailer... The movie will honor the legacy of the whole sagar and deliver to fans (and the general public) a project of extreme technical quality and possibly a decent outcome to end the dilemma of all these characters.

May the force be with you.

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i prefer the old ones!:)


Oh, yeah! They're so much better!