movie "Black Panther" / personal opinion/ movie premiere

4년 전

It is the first black-skinned superhero in the history of Marvel, it should be noted that the character was created before the Black Panther Party, which was founded in October.


Chadwick Aaron Boseman

hello friends of steemit, in this opportunity I want to share my opinions on the movie "Black Panther". To tell the truth, first time I see the story as such and I found it quite interesting, since the plot is different from the others of Marvel. Only the fact that the cast of the film are people of color, it is already a change, apart from the fact that it is not the common superhero movie, where the scenarios are in the city for the most part, here although they are primitive , they mixed a bit the technology, the effects, the photography, the costumes, because I liked everything, because as I said, they are different things from the ones we always see. I hope you also have your own opinions about this movie ...




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