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Initial Movie Rating of "Alita: Battle Angel".

Rating: 9.40/10.00

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Let me get straight to the point. This movie is stunning. The year is 2563. Alita (played by Rosa Salazar) goes beast mode in several scenes and takes down foes, both weak and strong. Her romantic interest is this guy called Hugo (played by Keean Johnson). Don't be fooled by the baby boy looks. He has a dark side to him since he also works for the villain called Vector (played by Mahersala Ali). Vector is normal with brown eyes but possessed by the main villain 'Nova' who has blue eyes. Those scenes are just a thrill to watch.

Lots of characters in this one. Alita is reconstructed by a cyber-surgeon called Dr. Dyson Ido (played by Christoph Waltz). His relationship with Dr. Chiren (played by Jennifer Connelly) is almost non-existent. Though, they do speak when Alita starts to question things. Who or what is 'Zalem'? Why can't anyone from Iron City go up to the Sky City?

Dr. Chiren can be seen with a purple mark on her forehead. I don't want to spoil the ending for y'all, but let's just say she redeems herself, which deserves praise. Many twists occur which you won't see coming. Sporting wise, the main game that seems to be of importance and popularity is an event called 'Motorball'. Of course, Hugo is good at it, and Alita and Hugo bond well when they scrimmage.

Observation. The sword held by the bounty hunter Zapan is called 'Damascus Sword'.

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