Punk Rock Lottery: The Movie!

2년 전

Hey all, this is a documentary i've been working on with some friends for about a year now. Ostensibly, its about a single event that takes place in Austin, Tx. In reality it has grown from a simple documentation, to a look at artistry, musicianship, and the DIY ethos. With interviews from members of The Big Boys, The Casualties, The Krum Bums, Lower Class Brats (and on, and on..) as well as other Film Makers and one of the creators of South by Southwest theres something here for everyone. We're in the process of getting through the final edit, sound, color etc. Check out this short highlight reel, and contact me if you'd like to be involved. Thanks!

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Just watched Big Boys playing an outdoor fest from 1980 and then had to read the history of the band and what all the members went on to do. Great underrated band!