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Mr. Nobody

Mr Nobody is not an ordinary movie, it will twist your mind, and if you don’t stay aware enough, you will miss its whole meaning because you will get lost in all the plots that are happening at the same time.

Because I will give out some spoilers and Mr. Nobody is a movie worth to be seen without knowing anything about it, so to experience this film wholeheartedly I urge you to give it a watch and eventually come back here.

Disclaimer: I have to note that these are my opinions, what I took from the movie, but I advise you to watch it yourself, maybe you will feel differently or pick up on something I missed.


The whole movie is built around the idea of choice and its consequences because after all, it’s so hard to choose, in this life the possibilities are endless, anything can happen, and one single right or wrong choice can dictate the way your life develops and who you become.

Choices are irreversible, and even if you can change something and get in a similar situation, you cannot go back to where you were before. Even the idea of not choosing is, in fact, a choice on itself because then, you let life decide for yourself.

The butterfly effect is a concept met through the whole movie quite a lot of times, and it accentuates the idea of choice because sometimes even the smallest decisions can have more significant impacts on your environment. One leaf can make someone meet his life’s love, but it can also get someone else in a coma.

The real choice Nemo, the main character, has to confront is when he has to choose between living with his father or his mother after they break up and from there, the possibilities are countless, and the whole movie gets real complicated quick.

Multiple Realities

It’s never easy to make the so-called right choice but since we are the one choosing every decision is correct, because we are the ones, more or less in control no matter how our lives developed it is the right one.

We are one choice away from becoming millionaires or homeless people, and I know that it does sound hard to believe so, but you can see the truth only if you zoom out and look at the big picture.

It’s never easy to see the big picture, but your actions can somehow predict your future. For example, if you’re eating fast food and sitting on the couch watching TV for the whole day, you will eventually get fatter. If you’re reading and learning about business, investments, cryptocurrency and new technologies, you will ultimately get richer.

It’s never easy to see all the possibilities but the mind of this nine years old Nemo that has to face a difficult choice can think about most possibilities and his options, some looking better than others but in the end, every one of them is the right choice because it’s his.


Sometimes when all choices seem impossible and life gets boring, going with the flow and letting life chose for yourself may seem like a great option. For the simple fact that we are alive, as humans, we are luckier than most beings on this planet and considering that the universe may be empty, we might be the most fortunate beings on the whole world.

To have such a gift as life and waste it on tedious things that don’t have any higher meaning seems like a shame.

There comes a time in life when everything seems narrow. Choices have been made I can only continue on. I know myself like the back of my hand. I can predict my every reaction. Everything is predictable. My life has been cast in cement with airbags and seatbelts. I've controlled everything. I've done everything to reach this point, and now that I'm here, I'm fucking bored.

Life is this amazing thing that we all should take full advantage off because as far as we know, we probably only live once. Probably that’s why Nemo, in one of the possible realities, after a life of false security and normality, decides to go on an adventure leaving his perfect life behind while diving deep into the unknown and wonders of this world.

Lessons Learned

There is no wrong choice because the definition itself of right and wrong doesn’t exist and because you are the one choosing, you can become and create anything you want.

Life is a playground. Or nothing.

This is the biggest lessons I have learned from this amazing movie. No matter what choice you have to face, make sure to choose what you want even if all the other people say you’re wrong. It’s great to be rational and take into consideration all the possible choices, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because all of them is the right choice as Nemo said, so make sure to choose with your heart and do something that you love.

It’s your life so you’re the one in control, even if it gets tougher every day you can always choose to do something else and change your reality that way. After all, the movie is still hard to comprehend but its lessons are simple, and anyone can implement them in their lives.

Anything might have been anything else and had as much meaning to it. - Tennessee Williams

Make sure to tell me down below what movie you would like to see featured in here because I am always checking out the comments.

Written by: @GuyFawkes4-20

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A good read


This movie is only recommended to those who has higher consciousness with a wild understanding of philosophy and science.

Here's a rule specifying a violation in basketball:
A Kicked Ball Violation occurs when a player intentionally kicks the Basketball.

And here's one from football:
A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits anyof the following three offences:
• handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area

In basketball, you can use your hands but kicking the ball is an offence. In football, you can kick the ball with your legs but using your hands is an offence. Why do you think this is? Shouldn't kicking the ball always be wrong? Or always right? Obviously, no.

The point is, right and wrong are decided by what you're trying to achieve. Raping and killing are definitely wrong, if you're living in a society where mutual cooperation and trust are very important. In war, killing your enemy is not wrong at all. In fact, medals are awarded to people who kill a lot of enemies. Any state that doesn't allow its soldiers to kill enemies is extremely unlikely to survive. Or if there is an alien invasion like ones we see in movies- killing is not wrong in that case.

Bottomline is, there are no absolute rights and wrongs, only actions that are better and worse for achieving some objective. If you want to live comfortably in a prosperous society at peace, then you need to observe these morals so that the citizens can trust each other. If you're at war, the right thing to do is to destroy the enemy.


Awesome analogy, I agree, there's no definition of right and wrong, they are mostly subjective both to the individual and the situation. Props for your comment. :)

Great post!
It really made me think.

Death is certain. We're given the chance to make choices before we face death. As long as we have still time, we gotta try our very best as if we gonna die today or tomorrow. Its not all the time necessary "to enjoy life while we're still alive" as most people would say. Its about how we understand things and act on it according to reason.

I'll be watching your next post @GuyFawkes4-20.
Try featuring the movie Blue Valentine (2010)


I agree with you, even if death is certain what really matters is how we act until we get to that point, which could happen at any given moment.

Blue Valentine seems like an interesting movie, I'll write it down on my list, and maybe I'll be able to write about it in the future, no promises. :)


That's exciting!

Thank you!

Hoping this will be a good movie. Thanks for sharing the post

A really really nice movie, very visually attractive, and the story is fantastic. Got me confused for a moment when all the things started happening at once. While in the story about choice, it reminded me on the german movie Victoria:

Here you can also see what happens when you make the wrong/right choice. Oh, and it's shot in one take, so even more fun. :)

Have a nice day!


It got me confused too for sure, only the second time I watched it I really got to understand what the movie is about. Nice suggestion, I'll take it into consideration. :)

An absolute quantum mechanic mind bender of a film been my favourite since 2015 and it’s too strange that it’s actually the basis of a thesis for my current Art Foundation project I’m working on all things link up in this mad old world I think ;)


It's one of my favorites too; I'm glad to hear that I wasn't the only one inspired by it. :)


a rare little blip into the true quantum nature of reality unreal each time I sit the 3 odd hours to absorb it all again

Ahh Mr Nobody... Was so hard to understand this movie when I watched it. I think these are definitely great lessons you can learn from the movie.
I think I'm gonna watch this movie again, because it has been a few years now when I watched it. I really loved it and reading this post brought back some good memories about it.

As for next movie suggestion, I recommend Eternal Sunshine Of The Spoteless Sunshine.
It has some nice twists in it and it plays with your mind as well. Jim Carrey is the main character but it's not a comedy movie.
This movie really made me have strong feelings for the whole plot and characters


It was harder to understand indeed, but it is worth it. I think I have watched it like three times so far; it has the same effect every time. I will look into that movie, thanks for the suggestion. :)


Haha, some movies have the same effect no matter how many times you watch it!


Happily, yes.

Mr. Nobody is my favorite movie of all time. "Mr. Nobody" was even my name on a movie forum :D I could watch this movie 10 times in a row and not get tired of it. It makes you think about the nature of reality. Reminds me of movies like Vanilla Sky, The Truman Show, 1408, Inception, The Matrix, etc..

Thanks for the post, looks like I'll be watching it again today!


Haha, that's an epic username for sure. I have a list of movies that I enjoyed a lot, and this one is at the top of the list, I watched it many times so far. Thanks for the suggestions, I was thinking about Inception and The Matrix too, their time will come. :D

All of videos is amazing... I think that all is lesson for trying in our life...
Thank for your sharing...
Success is always for you @adsactly...
I like it all off videos...

If you’re reading and learning about business, investments, cryptocurrency and new technologies, you will ultimately get richer.

I never learned so much about the above before I joined the steemit platform, especially cryptocurrency.

It’s great to be rational and take into consideration all the possible choices, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because all of them is the right choice as Nemo said, so make sure to choose with your heart and do something that you love.

I haven't watched the movie yet. However, I think I understand the philosophy behind it.
Especially about life. I may sometimes recall every choice that I made in the past. Sometimes I think it was the wrong decision and sometimes I felt it was the right decision.

It was the right decision because I like what I have become as a husband, father, son and brother.
However, I hate the fact that sometimes I couldn't fulfil my full responsibility financially to my loved one because of the decision in the past.


Cryptocurrency is an amazing ecosystem; we are the lucky few that are still considered early adopters, it's a huge opportunity.

I get what you mean, sometime it may look like the wrong choice, but if you enjoy the person you are, then it was the right choice. :D


Yes. I enjoy the person I've become. Because I believe I need to get my attitude right first before tackling the other problem.
It seems that steemit gave me that chance to overcome the weakness that I am facing now.

With the right attitude, we may be able to contribute preparing a mould for the steemit environment to be positive.

This series is awesome!
Please do Batman: The Dark Knight, I feel that there is a lot of lessons in that movie, it's my favourite movie of all time.


That is an amazing suggestion; the Joker is one of my favorite characters of all times. I think I will do a review about it sometime in the future, thank you. :)

Choices Have Consequences Too

It is a true saying that choices have consequences too, our ability to make a choice or inability to make one all do result in serious consequences. Everything in life is choiced (don't know if the word exists though) and whenever we make choices we have to live with them, believing they are right just as Nemo was convinced of his own choices.

But before making a choice we should try and foresee all possible outcomes of making or not making, and then making that rational decision.

I don't know if the movie I'll recommend has been featured before, but I'll recommend Like Fault in our Stars
the movie made me appreciate life more and more.

Keep the great work going, the @adsactly community is increasing in strength daily.


There's no inability of making choices because even the fact that you don't choose or that it takes longer to chose it's a choice on its own.

You will never be able to consider all the possibilities; they are infinite. The best way is to choose and if you don't like it, you can always change your choice because you have more time left since you chose faster.

I may be wrong, but I'm never in doubt.

I haven't watched that movie yet, but I might give it a look. :)


Thank you you very much @guyfawkes4-20 for your explanation, it indeed is true that even when we choose or don't as you said all results in a choice and yes they're infinite possibilities.
I think I'll go with your advice on this one, hope the choices we make makes us better. Keep the great work you're doing going.
And yeah, feel free whenever you're to see the movie. Thank you 😀

the soundtrack is equally as incredible... great choice 👍

@adsactly did you know that the director had Pierre Van Dormael to keep it as minimalist as possible... he didn’t want the music to be overtly emotional..


I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot; I have it downloaded on my phone. I had no idea about that fact, thanks for letting me know. :)

Thanks @adsactly for your support and guide. You are an amazing platform for all steemit users. Thanks for sharing wonderful movements and blogs with us.

Its exciting, no one can escape from death.

An interesting story..I will watch this my friend @adsactly

It’s your life so you’re the one in control this dialogue is very attractive in this movie for me

wow what a nice movie . Im so excited to watch this, what do you think guys?

Haven't watched the movie yet, but after reading this post, it seems like a good movie. Looking forward to watch it tonight because each and every movie you have covered in the series 'Lessons from movies' was simply awesome. My personal favorite from this series is In Time - it was amazing - and the movie I've watched the most no. of times is World War Z, hope you write about it too.

best and aone review but i have one question everyone have its own mind and want to know everything as god give wisdom and strength to take any deciousn than at that way u r wrong my friend.

The movie Mr. Nobody will be a bomb. The graphics so clean and the movies so astonishing. It's a must watch for everyone.


Its alright

Wonderful movie and really interesting moment
Thanks for sharing

Have watched all the movies,
No doubt really great movies with best lessons of life
Good information !!

gonna watch it if its that good

a perfect movie. I watched. I advise

  ·  2년 전

seriously, am very much interested in watching this awesome movie this week

Hey! have a good day. If you are part of the steemit community upvote this comment

very interesting post you and I really like it

This movie is very lassonable for us

wow...that's really nice post @adsactly . i like your post to much. thanks for share the post.

Love how you gave details...
Nice write up

Hahaha...!!! Still trying to understand the concept concerning Dare devil...All those ability...and all he can do is waste it on things that don't add any value to his life...!!! You ain't Christ/ Saviour...!!!
If I were to have such ability...I would be rich...!!! Don't ask me how...

This is very interesting

wow what an awesome movie.. thanks to this thread.. How I wish i can watch this..

ahan very nice
great efforts are made by you @adsactly

The movie is awesome,i have watched it like 10 times.

  ·  2년 전

Interesting -- I started off reading this by thinking that I hadn't seen it, but I'm now sure that I have and I'm going to rewatch it.

That Tennessee Williams quote is cool. It reminds me how we constantly revise and retell our own stories. My grandma is almost 101 and has "perfected" a number of her stories over my lifetime!

Anything might have been anything else and had as much meaning to it.



intersting movie
what is actor name

A really really nice movie, very visually attractive, and the story is fantastic. Got me confused for a moment when all the things started happening at once. While in the story about choice, it reminded me on the german movie Victoria:

Here you can also see what happens when you make the wrong/right choice. Oh, and it's shot in one take, so even more fun. :)

Have a nice day!

good movies .. movies can change a person for the better even a movie can change the world. movies are also much in love let alone inspiring movies. Thank you for your post

wow wonderful story happy to see it love your post resteem done

Mr Nobody is actually about the choices we make in life - to be or not to be, to live or leave, to eat or be eaten. The key questions about our essence must be answered one way or the other - or else we truly remain Mr Nobody.

It's truly video capable of twisting unsteady minds.

Nice review man. I'll added to my view list :)

Anyway though, thanks so much for posting like this.

Wow. It's amazing!

Good luck master post

Really amazing

Nice movie :D
I have to watch it.


wow its so amazing

A very profound commentary on a mundane experience such as a movie.

Wonderful to see you are so enlightened.


we almost every person suffer from anxiety because we don't think before work...we think after doing work,which can't help us in our everyday life..
i think right or wrong,wheather i do it or not all the decision should take from our heart..not by influencing by others...remember one thing be positive & it will be positive

This must really be an interesting movie to watch.

I took time to watch all the trailers.
It's kinda confusing though but seems interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

amazing is amazing😉😉😉😉😉😉

All the movies win the audience as much as we can take lesson us own life. So I like your comments and ideas about movies. I also like to watch films you have commented on. You've put a lot of effort into this article. I congratulate you for your effort. I wish you success.

Wao nice my kind of movie

Whoever upvotes and follows me I will do the same to them. Just write done after you're done.

Now this is my kind of movie😍

I haven't seen this movie, but I'll definitely have to look into it. Totally agree about choices, I always try to tell people when they're worrying about a decision that's been made... "Can you fix that thing? No? Ok is there anything at all you can do to affect that thing? No. Ok. Stop worrying"

many massages or advice from this movies. very good..

amazing movie and i enjoyed a lot
thanks for sharing

Wow amazing movies and good lesson i appy this and thanks for share

We often find most important lessons in such short sayings which are enough to change our lives. Beautiful effort dear.

Harikasınınız 👍

I am very selective when it comes to movies, this post was quite helpful in choosing ny next to watch movie and I choose "multiple realities" will give feed back after I am done!

I have to watch this movie now... thanks @adsactly!
Now I have 2h of my day already busy, I didn't read the entire post to avoid spoilers but I definitely find it intriguing this movie, and as you said, you better stay focused or you will probably miss the point/reality of the movie!

This is probably a movie to watch 2 or 3 times and be aware of the details.

Mr. Nobody is a great fiction and wonderful film @adsactly. Absolutely this film have a great lesson for our life. I really appreciate your style in which you have described this film. The film tells the story of Nemo, Nobody a 118-year old man who is the last mortal on the earth after the human race has achieved quasi-immortality. Nemo, memory fading refers to his three main loves, and his parents, divorce and subsecuant hardships endured at three critical junctions in his life: at age Nine , fifteen and thirty four. Alternate life paths branching out from each of those critical junctions are examined. The speculative narative often changes course with the flick of a different possible desicion at each of those ages. The film uses nonlinear narative and the multiverse hypothesis style. Thanks for sharing this very interesting and amazing film on steemit.


i love it 💗💗

Thanks for sharing i am new to this platform! I have followed you! maybe you can follow back! And i think it will be a good movie i will check out on this thanks.

This will be a great movie to see! If it's recommended by @adsactly then it's worth my time. What more can I say? The power of choice is very important in our daily lives and one needs to make the right choices...

This will be a great movie to see! If it's recommended by @adsactly then it's worth my time. What more can I say? The power of choice is very important in our daily lives and one needs to make the right choices...

I did not know anything about this movie but now thanks to your post I wanted to see it XD

Great post...havent watched it but seems interesting

Very nice post, thanks for sharing and glad to meet you @adsactly

still...ronaldp is the best player

thank you so much for sharing great post here dear i am getting so much inspired from your posts

I'm a movie lover. And this kind of movie is one of my favorites!

Will definitely see Mr. Nobody!

Thanks for sharing!!


wow...thanks you.. I think those are good movies that you recommended, i will check on you tube channel..any way thanks a lot

  ·  2년 전

This one of the best movie I have watched so far in the time being..And so cant wait for The Originals by April which Is in two months time..yall shouldn't miss out

Not a movie fan. Some free giveaway will do me lot of good than movie 😀

Hey I hadn't even heard of this movie ... and your review and take on it, makes me want to check it out just to look for that insight you provided. Cool post!

Very twisted

I love movies, will check this one out, hope it'll be a good one. Thanks for sharing. Just upvoted you, hope to hear from you

yess.. tha's good movie..
please vote me and follow @kunilfalah

Hi @adsactly. I hope you'll notice me. Can you make a review on the following films I've already watched, as I loved how you explained Mr. Nobody very well:

Enemy (Jake Gyllenhaal) - pls pls make a review for this one first. I was confused after I watched it. I can't wait to read your thoughts on this film.
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I watched this movie a month ago and it became one of my favorites. It's beautifully done and Jared Leto is great. I agree with everything you say. And yes, it doesn't matter which choice you make, because every choice is right. Well, we can say that there are good, not so good and even bad choices, but life goes on. Life is the art of drawing, without an eraser, just like John F. Gardner said.

Wow nice , I'm going to watch this movie 🎥

People's choices lead them to different lives. Small decisions or indecisions can lead us to be different people. Maybe we can turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly, by way of a movie we'll watch at the weekend. Thanks for your suggestion, we will watch this film as soon as possible.

Please recommend
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I like it. This is information

I am from Indonesia i love you @adsactly. Follow me @yasir123

Very nice post

This is actually my favourite movies ever!great post.

Woooo 👽👽👽

I've never seen the movie yet and I would love to this weekend @adsactly thanks for thewonderful review. Indeed, all our decisions led us to where we are. I guess, wrong or right, it contributes to the person that we are. We are made of all stuffs we decide for our lives. No regrets. I guess the greatest regret is in not deciding, not choosing who or when or how or what. No matter how hard, life is an everyday choice. Let each choice we choose be the song of our hearts, what makes us happy. You know what they say, the things we regret the most are the things we didn't do.

.. and everything linked with YouTube.. shame on you :P
#Dtube :P

This was amazing; so true and powerful. I think I will definitely watch this movie; it applies to so many of us

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Nice movie thriler here.
What do you think about moral panic? Check out this post about moral panic and drop your comment.

The theme in Mr Nobody of choice is the subject of this brilliantly edited video featuring the always relevant 60's Zen philosopher Alan Watts.

At the end of the video is a quote from Mr Nobody:

"Each of these lives is the right one, every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and have just as much meaning,".

Good analyse. just started to follow you +++

nice share
thank you

Wow,good post freinds

I really enjoyed this post. It is an incredible film and I think Leto really did it justice. A really great review I was so impressed I pressed follow. Keep up the good work. I just joined today if you have a chance to read some of my poetry I would be honored

please help me to follow

I think movies are great devices.

You can learn amazing things from watching movies, or get extremely inspired to then set out and learn incredible things.
At the same time they are also extremely good for programming the unconscious, something that should not be forgotten.

Om Shanti

succes for you friend