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The Founder

No matter, if you love or hate McDonald’s this movie is a, must watch for anyone that’s even slightly interested in the philosophy of money. Because we are part of this ecosystem we’re all in one way or another, entrepreneurs so stick around because you will maybe learn a few things from The Founder.

Money, contrary to what many people may think, is good because the more you have, the more people you can help and this movie will show you the journey of a salesman and how he got to gain his financial freedom.

This is such a genius movie and story that it will give you goosebumps, keeping you hooked every minute as you will see Ray Kroc’s life changing as he’s changing other people’s lives while building a business model that is still here after all this time.

Disclaimer: I have to note that these are my opinions, what I took from the movie, but I advise you to watch it yourself, maybe you will feel differently or pick up on something I missed.


Many bright and prosperous minds consider that every successful businessperson was at first a great salesman and that’s what Ray Kroc is.

An insightful scene is the beginning one where he has to make a pitch to sell a milkshake machine, but against the fact that he has an astounding pitch, he fails. As many entrepreneurs consider, having a killer pitch prepared, from start to finish, every detail mapped out it’s the key to success in sales and Ray couldn’t have done it better.

You can also see the idea of a well prepared and custom tailored pitch being brought up, again and again, like when he’s trying to convince Dick and Mac to open up a Franchise and take this restaurant nationally or when he’s trying to sell the Franchise itself later on.

It's always important to have a script prepared not only in business but in life too because then when life kicks you down out of the blue you will not get lost because you already have it all planned.


If you want success, no matter in what field, the mentality with which you approach the situation and your journey, in general, will get to determinate if you win or you fail. Against the fact that Ray is turned down by everybody even if he is right, he keeps on going from failure to failure because he knows that on the long run he is going to win and so he did.

He tried to sale multiple things, for years now and the most impressive thing is that after all that time he never gave up. That is what I call having a strong mentality, being able to keep on trying despite past failures and that applies both in life and on Steem. The more you will try, the more doors you will knock on, the more posts you will make, the more significant your chances of success are.

A crucial element to Ray’s mentality is that he’s always reinforcing it with external motivation. Intrinsic motivation is essential too, but when you’re down, you will need someone to push you from behind a bit, someone to motivate you. All the bright minds have mentors that already succeeded because they understand how vital a model that can inspire you is, and so does Ray has even if his mentor is not in real life.


Life will present you endless opportunities of achieving your goals, and all you have to do is be aware enough to spot out the opportunity and take action if you feel is the right one regardless of what anyone else might tell you.

Ray, after trying multiple businesses, after he’s seen it all there was to be seen in the food industry, he finally found the golden business, McDonald’s. After all, that time, failed attempts and wasted money he saw the one opportunity that will change his life, and he’s so excited that can’t even sleep at night.

Even if he got turned down by the McDonald brothers at first when he proposed them the Franchise idea, Ray does not stop because he has a higher purpose. He has a dream that needs to come to life; he cannot let this opportunity slip through his fingers because he knows how much potential it has.

Against all his previous failures Ray can still see this fantastic opportunity, he’s not crippled down like most people are after they fail a few times, he can still dream, and he’s endorsing his house only so he can be part of McDonald’s.


Success by definition is change; this is the rule that Ray learned and kept on pursuing his vision, tirelessly trying new things until something clicks. No matter what your goal is, if you never stop pursuing it while trying new approaches when something is not working, you will succeed in the end.

Did Ray turn out “bad” in the end? Maybe he did but there are many things anyone could learn from him, and probably determination is the biggest one of them. It’s all about determination and persistence, knowing when to go all-in because you’re the only one responsible for your success.

If you don’t know what you want to do, you should always try new things until you find something that you like and when that happens, you have never to let that thing go, no matter what anyone tells you.

Written by: @GuyFawkes4-20

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Great lessons from 4 awesome movies..but i want to talk about the sucess story of McDonald..It s a Very good story of the creation and development of the great fast food known to all: McDonald's. The film goes straight to the point and knows how to bring us the essential elements, it is a quality. The stakes are interesting and the actors are genuine (especially the two McDonald brothers). Michael Keaton's choice is also consistent and he fits perfectly into his role as entrepreneur-profiteer (sometimes failed), constantly hungry for power and money. Nothing more to say except that the film is very informative about the revolutions of the time and that it will surprise you, you who, like me before the viewing, were sticking to the current McDonald's empire without necessarily knowing the origins. Very good biopic!


I agree with you @kouba01.. McDonald story is so interesting!


@kouba01, The story brings to my memory this quote i found years ago and has turned to become one of my favourite.

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."


@kouba01, your exegesis is out of this world. Just add something,

“If I had a brick for every time I’ve repeated the phrase Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value, I think I’d probably be able to bridge the Atlantic Ocean with them.” – Ray Kroc

One of the beautiful quotes from Ray Kroc,

This movie is a must have for every entrepreneur


This movie sums about it all. The most important thing is that he never took failure as an option. I think this is a genius must watch movie that can help entrepreneurs to develop sales skills.
Just like Ray Kroc he knew he was right , he had it known by the full. He did not give in to failures and kept pushing harder. It's all about your mind-set that you have to grab each and every opportunity that is thrown at you. This movie is a genius production. Thank you


Increible pelicula, por mas que Keaton en su papel es muy ambicioso y hasta aveces parece mala persona sirvio para que Mcdonalds fuese lo que es hoy en dia.

Aveces hay que ser asi para llegar lejos.


Thank you, I enjoy making these posts a lot. Yes, the characters are very genuine, Keaton is always acting great, and most movies he played in are pretty great. The story is an impressive one; indeed, more people should hear it, that's why I always like to read biographies. :)

@GuyFawkes4-20 as you did a month ago with Birdman, Michael Keaton backs yours lessons again:

I loved it!

I think there is not too much more to say about this movie, than you haven't did it already. But I would like comment, briefly, two movies who characters are very similar to Ray Kroc; after all, what would be about us if this people had never existed?

Seize the day (1986): a Carpe Diem version

Tommy Wilhelm (Robin Williams) faced to his own path, reveals how a man can loose his life just in one second.

Although he was a very skilled salesman with a success life, an unexpected spin made him lose his wife, his work and also the peace.

He goes to New York and there starts to find the way to redirect his life. Of course is not easy and Robin Williams perfomances it very well.

With a father than never backs him and the nostalgia of a better past, Tommy Wilhelm represents how a men without hopes take a breath to live each day like the last day.

This movie is not too famous, but its low rewards doesn't describe the quality behind the story.

Pursuit of Happyness (2006): just never give up!

It is one of the most acclaimed movies by the public in terms of success stories. Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a motivational symbol for all those people who do not stop believing in themselves.

I think that the disposition with which the character faces all his fears is admirable, especially, because he teaches his son that failure is only a very high step before achieving success.

To be honest this movie is one of the few that made me cry, because the interpretation of Will Smith is worthy of all possible praise.

If you want to see how an eloquent seller overcomes the barriers of misfortune, this film should always be in the top ten of your searches.

Thanx @GuyFawkes4-20, I will be attentive next week to see what wonder you will bring us. And as always, I thank @adsactly for serving as a mediator so that we can enjoy these good lessons.

Have a nice day!


It's impressive that you remember that post, it was a month ago. Those are two great movie recommendation; I was actually considering writing about The Pursuit of Happiness for the next post because it is an impactful movie. I will see more about that, thank you for your excellent comment. :)

I agree with the statement that this film is mandatory for viewing even to those people who do not like the philosophy of maksdonald's and do not like such food. First of all, we live in a society and everyone who lives in a society in one way or another is connected with its main element, the main energy of society - with money. This film shows us how a single-minded person from a simple seller could become the founder of the largest and most famous fast-food chain in the world.
I think that every successful person should, to some extent or other, have the ability to sell. No matter what you do! One way or another is a simple worker - you sell your time and your skills. You are a creative person - you sell your art. Even those areas that are not related to the interaction of people - require the ability to sell (for example, trading).
Each of us has many opportunities in life. Just not all of them notice and not all use them. One of the secrets of success is to constantly use opportunities. As they say - "take the bull by the horns."
In any area of ​​life you must learn and develop. We must constantly move towards our goal. For this, first of all you should have goals and you must clearly imagine it. You must live your purpose. All are workarounds and you should know that if you do not get it that way, then it's different.
In the film, this deep meaning is present. I recommend it to view
Thank you @adsactly and @GuyFawkes4-20 I liked it

O man what a movie it was. I really loved the passion and persistence of this person. I mean he got rejected from every side but he didn't lose the hope.

Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood. - Walt Disney

I think he deserves the McDonald company more than the founder. My lesson would be better hand it your company to a person deserves more than you for a long term investment. And One thing I learned from McDonald it wasn't only just a restaurant, but it's also a real state. :)


agree with you <3


Who deserves something more than someone else is mostly a subjective thing, so the answer is in the eyes of the beholder, but he was the one with the vision, the one that already had everything mapped out and made it happen, so those are all pros.


This is kind'a what happened with Facebook, Microsoft, Apple..

I liked that movie very much, although fascinated by the lack of morale of the main character.


You are my Steemit role model @adsactly! I appreciate your informative and interesting articles that encapsulate hours of research. It is clear that you are tapped into your passion for creativity, knowledge, and writing. Upvoted and Resteemed! The Founder movie was excellent and truly captures American ideals and capitalism.

No doubt it's a great movie, and an inspiration to me. It was a great article. Will you also cover Point Break in this series as it had many such lessons which you can write about. A humble request, please consider writing about Point Break too.


Thank you for your suggestion. I just looked into Point Break; it got me hooked, I think I like that movie, I may give it a watch soon and maybe write about it sometime in the future.

I saw this movie when it came out😃
I had my doubts in the beginning if i should watch it or Not, but i’m very glad i did. He got very lucky and he followed all the SIGNS that where given to him to be succesful. Cheers 🎉🍾


He didn't get lucky; he worked hard. If he would've retired from the milkshake business because he got rejected many times, then he would've never stumbled upon McDonald's. It's mostly trial and error until something great happens. :D


I qoute: he would’ve never stumbled upon McDonald’s 🧐 he would’ve never been lucky. It was also his Curiosity 🤓🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

That's about the best advice for life..
You should never give up because new opportunities come when you're least prepared for them.
There are a very few of us, who become successful on the first try.
If you're not one of them, just try again and believe in yourself and your abilities.
And I agree that you need support from people close to you, it's difficult to take on the world alone. You need someone who believes in you completely.
Just keep trying until something good happens and it will happen.


Most people don't become successful from the first try but only after many attempts and tireless work. Support is always well received, but it's never easy to find the right people. Good stuff is always going to happen. :)


Totally agree..
We just have to be prepared

My favorite line from this movie is: "I remember the first time I saw that name stretched across your stand out there. It was love at first sight. I knew right then and there... I had to have it. And now I do."

Ray Kroc was a hell of a businessman.


I love the dedicated of this men

Great post.thanks for sharing

An interesting and useful sharing, thank you.. Upvote and resteemed

really good post... i appreciate it...
thanks for the entertainment

Ooh my got..saya akan mengikuti anda..lanjutkan postingan anda

What an interesting piece!

Good definition, I will upvote, comment and plus resteem because I like your explaination, we must learn everywhere

I do think that money is good in right hands. About sales - best pitch to wrong people won't make to you a dime. Zero, they aren't your customer. Find someone more apropriate.

I wanna share with you my best lesson from film.

Jakkie Chan "Who am I"

  • Don't trust by default

I love pistol scene. "I may have amnesia, but I'm not stupid!"

  • government betray their army

Politicians use people how they want. Zero emotions, only money.
Patriotism and lies are tools to make them richer.

I saw this film 10 + times. Maybe my favorite film

increible la historia de mcdonnalds al principio pense, ¿como pudo hacer algo asi? pero despues pense que el era el unico que veia el potencial del negocio y que los fundadores originales solo lo encerraban hasta que un dia se canso de todo eso.
decidio tomas al toro por los cuernos y asi como dijo, con mucha persistencia logro su sueño.
ademas enseño que para lograrlo tuvo que sacrificar mucho y apostar en grande, ¡hipoteco su casa! eso es algo que nadie estaria dispuesto a hacer, dejar algo tuyo al azar del destino esperando el mejor panorama.
y ademas tambien demuestra que en los negocios no hay amigos solo socios.

Movies is the source og entertainment

definitely going to watch it today, thanks!

Looks very nice movie, it maize me very much

very inspiring, stop at account @ftryfitri aids vote yes PhotoGrid_1518701100336[1].jpg

I loved every minute of "The Founder". Michael Keaton is an amazing actor.

I haven't watched the movie yet but i wouldn't miss this movie for anything.

try new things!!! scary but exciting and fun!

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A good movie and a solid story to follow

sorry please for the vote have me, sad kalini life to marry @adsactly

Crypto the Currency Dog approves. Nothing like a tasty hamburger to teach you lessons on money.

Crypto The Currency Dog.jpg

In my little corner of the world (Yuma, AZ) Ray Kroc is not only known, but memorialized. When Ray owned the San Diego Padres they took Spring Training here in Yuma. Halfway between San Diego and Phoenix. The complex is named after him, and is a community centerpiece. I think every charity in town has a plaque dedicated to him.

Which makes me really want to see the movie. Thanks for a great review!

A really wonderful picture. Well done, my friend, you are a really successful person

i saw this movie yesterday, and got some mixed feelings

Very good writing .. :)

I've seen this movie - in the firm i work in, we were made to watch the movie. Pop corn, small chops, drink and a projector. My director knows how motivational this movie is that we had to cut down our work time just to see a movie. Although at the end, it was followed with questions.
The movie really did show us how to be innovative, not just about by franchising as seen in the movie, but also how to create a pretty good functioning workspace as seen in the long tennis scene, also investing and not letting others ruin the value/quality of a product.
Every small detail matters.

Good post.. I love it all

i absolutely agree with @adsactly it is true and interesting story

This movie sums about it all. The most important thing is that he never took failure as an option. I think this is a genius must watch movie that can help entrepreneurs to develop sales skills.
Just like Ray Kroc he knew he was right , he had it known by the full. He did not give in to failures and kept pushing harder. It's all about your mind-set that you have to grab each and every opportunity that is thrown at you. This movie is a genius production. Thank you @adsactly

Ray didn’t turn out bad as far I was concerned. Yes - it was pretty mean what he did - without doubt. Taking the business away from the two brothers was unscrupulous BUT they didn’t see the potential Macdonalds truly had - or really wanted to act on it. I guess you might argue - well fine - why didn’t Kroc just start his own burger joint and build from there? He didn’t need to... he’d already started to build one with McDonald’s. Lessons are learnt truly - let the wolf in and you’re history BUT if they’d just played ball to begin with, things might have turned out differently. Look what Col Sanders did with his KFC. Look at it now (currently food quality issues aside). Ray Kroc jumped when he had the advantage? Is that bad? Not really. And sadly, that’s business.

Nice sir its your beauty

Special posts @adsactly. I like it. Thanks for sharing

Actually looking for some movies for the next weekend , thanks for sharing some!

You please my vote @mohabat

movie is the best pleasure in life
thanks for sharing

Thanks a lot.
A beautiful class. It’s an wonderful inspiration. We have to play with life otherwise it will start to play with us.
Hoping for more post.

have seen the movie, really fascinating movie great post keep up

The story is motivational,in every business it involves taking risk,he even mortgaged they house and persistence in business is important.Never give up.

  ·  3년 전

çok sevdim ,, güzel yazı

Lovely post @adsactly I love it ,I upvoted you! Please vote for me too.thanks

thanks for sharing.i like your blog..
please carry on....

Great post.

excelente publicación, de igual forma en esta comunidad mientras mas unidos seamos mas ganemos, soy nueva integrante en esta familia de steemit apoyare a todos y espero contar con ustedes gracias @bigdesafio

Ray turned out to be a great morally ambigious character for sure. Keep killing it with the movie reviews!

Quite an interesting movie

I mean you get a way to inspire people somehow. I really feel this forum is amazing because of the quality of post. They are motivational, emotional and they somehow have always a kind touch with humanity. Again you are motivating people with something inspirational. Though movies play a role in giving you a spark for a certain time being but i believe its one' own will and grit, with which he decided to live his or her life. Life is full of surprises be it success or failure. Just live with both. Both come as part n parcel of life. In my opinion staying honest in this life is the bestest thing one can do. Work with honesty,live with honesty,talk honesty,share honest opinions etc. I know it sounds very sweet talk but we all at some point of our lives want to be honest with ourselves. Rest dont give up. We all are own heroes. Stay healthy wealthy n wise :)

"It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun. Yet, is it any more unusual to find grace in the texture and softly curved silhouette of a bun than to reflect lovingly on the hackles of a favorite fishing fly? Or the arrangement of textures and colors in a butterfly's wing? Not if you're a McDonald's man. Not if you view the bun as an essential material in the art of serving a great many meals fast

I am interested in this I see that since keaton made "birdman" transcended actorally to become the stars of this time, a matter a bit complicated to be an artist that can continue to stay current.

  ·  3년 전

I am interested to know about this movie...I wanna to see this
...have any link?

  ·  3년 전

I guess I gotta go look for it, sounds interesting.

most businesses fail in the first year, I read somewhere that the average successful entrepreneur has had 8 failed businesses. You got to keep going until you find one that works. Or as my Canadian friend used to say "you have to slay a few dragons before you can get to the princess"

I love this kind of movies that leave a message, learn or let you reflect, I think it's great to see this kind of movies if you have an interest in the philosophy of money so you are giving ideas and a nosion of how everything works, thank you very much forever posteriar with so much passion and with a lot of affection ... always bringing us content of the best quality thank you very much continue like this never change .....

Voted you now. Thanx for the interesting content you put out, I'd appreciate it if you check my page as well. I write poetry mostly.good job.

Very fascinating story....
The journey to stardom is not an easy one, but with diligence, hardwork, perseverance and optimism are the condiments to reach or attain greatness.
The early beginning usually looks tough but the end justifies the means
A popular verseof the Bible I love so much, it goes thus :

seesth thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand among kings and not mean men.
Hardwork pays.
Thanks for the wonderful expository.

Nice post
Keep steeming

I think that there are 2 key factors - great marketing and flexibility.

  ·  3년 전

Ive always wanted to watch this movie but i get distracted every time. this is a nice and educating post. Opportunities are everywhere its true.

he never gave up and kept on trying, never give in.

Great movie!

Your friend post always interesting, please advise me to succeed like you

yes the movie has great lesson in itself i enjoy it most

Looks interesting, I like true stories. Hopefully I can watch it soon here in my country.


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wow awosome post....upvoted and followed

Michael Keaton good actor, I watched his some popular movies like @Spiderman, @BatmanReturn @RoboCop and some others movies in movie @TheFounder his name is Ray Kroc’s and he played good role in the Movie...

Actually we all are responsible for our success and failure also.
We must choose a work which is possible to achieve and don't let it go until the success comes out..💪💪💪
Just believe yourself and keep doing and doing success must come....INA
Thanks for sharing this motivational things with us..images (3).jpg

Love that movie, gave me lots of ideas to start my real estate company that and tai lopez

“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.” – Indira Gandhi

This was a great movie, I was blown away by what actually happened. If it wasn't for him investing in the real estate that the restaurants sat on it wouldn't be the empire it is today. This also goes to show that when a money making idea is presented to you that you run with it! I honestly don't agree with some of the ways he ran the business but he was a shrewd business person and became wealthy for it.

I absolutely hate McDonald's, and the way they do business but this movie looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing image

i like this a cinema, still I recommend to pomotret the teenager on one billion
and to write the same abrupt review!

I,Like @adsactly ....... I,just,

Excellent and very well done. Many others have followed in their foot steps to success. Thank you.Gary

This a movie I would like to see!

Voted you now. Thanx for the interesting content you put out, I'd appreciate it if you check my page as well. I write poetry mostly

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please follow

Michael Keaton good actor, I watched his some popular movies like @Spiderman, @BatmanReturn @RoboCop and some others movies in movie @TheFounder his name is Ray Kroc’s and he played good role in the Movie...

Actually we all are responsible for our success and failure also.
We must choose a work which is possible to achieve and don't let it go until the success comes out..💪💪💪
Just believe yourself and keep doing and doing success must come....INA
Thanks for sharing this motivational things with us..

I learned more, even now I know many more things about this. It's funny and intriguing, but very good post. :)

I thought this movie brought out some interesting conflicts. Ray Kroc has a vision and feels determined to take this dream into ultimate success. But the McDonald brothers are sort of in his way because they want something else for the restaurant. So is Ray Kroc supposed to just drop what feels is his dream? Are we allowed to push people out of the way if we deem it important to realize our dreams? And if so, where's the line?
Obviously, Kroc was a total dick, but maybe its naive to believe that everyone can accomplish their dreams without harm occurring. I don't really know the answer, but I loved the movie because it brought out some good questions...

&#127935 encouraging & encouraging!

sadly i havent seen any of these movies and i am heartbroken

This is probably Michael Keaton's best work according to me.He has put his heart and soul in the character of Ray.. this movie is a big lesson especially for the budding entrepreneur's who want to make a Mark or a Mark or establish themselves. Best lesson of courage, persistence,greed,jealousy, and failures. This movie tells you not to stop being ambitious, it doesn't stop with age. You can turn tables at any stage of your life. The only thumb rule is that i will do it someday.......


Hi @shahaan! Do you prefer Founder above Birdman?

I think that his acting on Birdman was to much better, especially because is a more difficult movie to act.

However, i'm glad if yo said why do you like most this one; of course, i'm asking by the performance, not about the character imself.

Thank you, I enjoy making these posts a lot.No doubt it's a great movie,

Things that happen in an enabling environment

I'm a fan of ADSACTLY because it gives us inspiration of writing special articles like this.

What I've learn in life is that business people are not necessarily the most intelligent ones... But are the smartest. Michael Keaton is perfect in the movie.

Congratulations @adsactly!
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thank you very good post friends, very amazing information, as the trip is very interesting .. very good and amazing files.

omg this is really awesome i must tell you..
talking about hate and love i just have a ques that if the mcdonalds pays in dollars to indians too then how come mcd employees are getting paid in lesser indian rupees >? @adsactly

Great post @adsactly. Appreciate it!

Good afternoon,your blog looked very pleased me, you large модец, so to hold, I Wish to blow off you a large jackpot.Successes are in everything.


The movie is great but It shows the McDonald brothers in a way too positive light.

Sure: Kroc is ruthless and screws them over somewhat.

BUT: Kroc is responsible for the creation of an empire that employs way more people than the brothers' way of running the operation.

All this "poor McDonald brothers" BS that is part of the movie's narrative in a way shouldn't be the conclusion.

And again: Kroc definitely has his flaws but the end product of his work is wealth creation on a large scale compared to the mom-and-pop approach of the brothers.

Thinking big won over thinking small - That should be the big lesson here.

p.s.: Don't eat at McDonald's too often, kids!

very good movie I watch twice, and very good conclusion and lesson I got from your explanation