Psycho 2 (film) : I waited 30 years to see this and it's CRAP!

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The original Psycho is a legendary film, mostly because it was a very risque project at the time. By 1983 the film industry had become significantly less puritan and slasher films were pretty commonplace as was showing some skin. Psycho II is actually very tame in this regard. The overall story and a vast majority of the acting is pretty bad. I feel as though it is a bit of an insult to the original that this thing was ever made.

Psycho II.png

The story starts out completely ridiculous: Norman Bates is being released from prison after a mere 22 years because he is determined to not be nuts anymore and i suppose this is fair enough although he did kill a bunch of people. Not guilty by way of insanity can only go so far but whatever, they needed a story and it wouldn't work behind bars (or would it?)


So Norman (played by the surprisingly wooden Anthony Perkins) goes back to his old house and has dreams of reopening the motel next to it. Of course people start immediately dying and here is the most absurd part of the movie: You have a guy who was just released from prison for murdering people at a specific place. He then goes back to that specific place. People at that specific place start dying or disappearing.

Now, I'm not a top agent for the FBI or anything but I think I can hypothesize a fantastic place to start the investigation.

I mean, obviously it isn't Norman Bates, that dude was cleared by the mental hospital, it couldn't possibly be him

basically, i was excited about this film based on the time that passed between the legendary original and well, this thing. Perhaps it was impossible for me to be impressed.

I have been told that part 4 is good. I'll watch part 3 and see what i can do after that.


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wasn't aware they even made a 2nd one !🙈


there's more than 2. I think (and i haven't seen the rest of them) that this one might be the worst.


i'm going to take your word for it and skip this one lol!

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Really? They made that many of them? What can you really do with the story that wasn't done in the first one. Like I said, I thought Bates Motel was a really great retelling of the story, but beyond that, I don't see the point. Halloween though, you can make as many of those movies as you want. Except 3, that one was dumb.

Psycho is a legend yes...
there are so many fearful feedbacks that I am still afraid totouch this legend;)


well you can do yourself a favor and skip part 2, it is just not very good.

I saw the first film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The story is interesting.

But this sequel I haven't had the chance to see haha!

There is 2nd part from 1983, a series "Bates Motel"...

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It has 6.5 IMDB score, I have put it on my watch-list.

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