The Pursuit of Happyness (film): Just delightful

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The intentionally misspelled film The Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favorite movies ever and is one of the only times that Will's kid Jaden has done well in a movie - that might remain the case as his completely undeserved ego continues to plague his life.


This film follows the true-to-life story of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith in the film) as he struggled to find success in business while also caring for his very young son at times being homeless in the process.


While Will has in the past taken roles in films that defintely hurts his "cred" as a serious actor (think "Men in Black" and Wild Wild West"), this movie should really be a part of an anthology clip as to why he is one of the best actors alive today.

This movie has so many tear-jerking moments and perhaps the presence of Will's actual child playing the role of "his child" in the movie has some sort of impact on Will's absolutely incredible performance in this film that got him nominated for Golden Globes and Oscars alike.

I have seen this movie 5 times or so and I would gladly do so again because it just feels good when you see it. I am brought to the verge of tears nearly every time even though I know exactly what is going to happen when I watch it. Will Smith is genuinely perfect in his performance and Jaden does well also. When i think about my life growing up with Will Smith being the "Fresh Prince" it is really amazing to me that he has come so far in life.

On a scale of "Urgh!" to "Wowsers!" I give The Pursuit of Happyness the overall score of just barely....


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this is one of my favorites as well he did a great job in making you sit at the tip of the couch even after the 5th time you see it ill give this a 10 times like these I wish I had more steam power to show how much I agree!
Great article

This is one of my favorite movies ! As you say, it's great and the performances are second to none. The movie has many iconic moments, such as the time when father and son must sleep in the bathroom and that last moment, when Will Smith raises his arms in the middle of the crowd. I think many of us have felt that way at some point. Thank you for this post, @gooddream

The "Fresh Prince" series was seen everywhere, it's the best!

The great movie, every time it's on a channel I get hooked watching it.

As for the kid, he couldn't handle the fame that came very early in his life.

This is one of my most favorited biopic movies.
And Will Smith did his very best act here. Hundred years from now, I believe this movie still relevant.
The struggle of life and fatherhood ring the bells of many people, I can not watch this movie without wetting my eyes.
I find it ironic, cause I can't really relate with it. I don't have a father-figure like that. My childhood was a total mess, my father leave me because he can't afford to take care on me! It was devastating and made me grow as a bitter person.

But, when I started to grow up, I figured out. This life is a cold bitch, I experience the struggle and managed to climb up from poverty with my own hands.
I have married now, but still delaying to have kids. I still hustling and will be ready in a couple of years. That's because I don't want my future kids to experience what I was forced into when I was a kid, too.

I have seen this movie many times, although I only saw it from beginning to end the first time, but I know the dialogues of each scene, it is really an excellent film, and although I would have to refresh my memory I think this is probably the best film in the Will's filmography.

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This was a fantastic movie as well. Yes his son was great in it. Much better than the ill advised remake of The Karate Kid. Thank goodness they at least had Jackie Chan in that to save it a little. This really was a great feel good movie. It has been a while since I have seen it, but I do remember it was awesome.