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I guess I am not the only one around here who's enjoying watching movies and to be more precise, series. One of my favorite, is of course The Game Of Thrones. It is simply an amazing script and producers didn't hesitate to spend millions of millions of dollars to create the most expensive series in the history of modern TV.

Needless to talk on how good the actors perform nor that by the end of each episode I remember my self jumping of the cough to hit the play button for the next episode. Literally, this series is just an addiction, not just for me but for millions of people around the world, and the way I see it for dozens among us.

And it's pretty easy to understand that...just a look around and a bunch of posts related to Game Of Thrones pop up. Which is absolutely normal since a few weeks back the 8th season was released.

I really struggle to not read any of those posts...I am telling you.

You see I have a nasty habit when it comes to TV series and particularly this one. I am waiting till the season is over and then I can sit down and watch like 3 or even 4 episodes back to back. And that's because here where I live, a single episode is released every week...and I just can't stand this wait...-is that really the case too where you live-?

So until the season is over...I'll keep scrolling down my feed quickly when I see title realted to Game Of Thrones...:P

PS. If you have watched episodes from season 8, I kindly ask you not to mention anything in the comment section. We can always talk about the weather and such :)

Cheers guys!

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I don't have a TV and I can't watch it on netflix. Have fun and a nice weekend, mindtrap :D

I haven't watched one single episode yet. Not a big TV fan and maybe one day I will watch the whole lot.


Really? It's epic. I think you should give it a shot...unless you're afraid of addiction :)

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