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Gosh, I had forgotton about this movie. I saw it at the cinema back in the day and as you say, it came off the back of The Matrix but just didn't quite do it for me.

I notice you didn't use the AAA tag on this post. Have you seen it's pretty good and kept nice and clean when I looked last time :-)


I've seen TripleA (the bot) but didn't know what it was as I never looked into it.

I'll give it a try next review I do.


Really liked equilibriun. I watched it a loooong time ago and was wondering lately what movie should I watch next. I hope my girl will not fall asleep to this one xD

Anyway, great movie.

Nice film! Very old film with a lot of punches! I still have my film DVD!

it is probably somewhere around 7, enjoyable but not spectacular.

It's been an excellent movie I've seen several times, a kind of big brother government that controls everything, the most incredible thing is that he was part of it until he discovers his true reality: those he has persecuted and killed are really the good ones.