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i need to set up a home theatre viewing one of these days. the tvs are big enough these days, though, ... hmmm

i have never seen this movie, but now im super interested :D


I actually only watched half. I was too tired and had seen it twice before. These days, I am fine with watching half of nice movies I've already seen. In the past I always forced myself to sit through them till the end.

P.S. Sleep is underrated ;>)

There’s these blinds that you can get that go over the sliding door so when they’re open the whole door is exposed like that, and then you can pull the blind down to the floor if you need it shut (I’m pretty sure it will stop partway too 😆).

Should probably have some kind of window covering for insulation purposes, and if you ever need it artificially dark for movies 🤣

Watching life happening is a nice way to spend time, and you have the right kind of room for it 🙃

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I'm not a fan of blinds. I guess going blind is one of my fears ;>)
All kidding aside, they remind me of peeping toms and tend to get extremely dusty. I try to avoid dust when I can.

I will definitely get some sort of window covering after my return from The Netherlands. For now it really has no priority.

It also helps that there's no apartment or anything ( besides hills ) opposite my balcony :>)

Um abraço


I’m not sure how you’d peep through what’s essentially a sheet that rolls up 🤣 it could gather dust but not nearly as much as horizontal blinds!

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When you said blinds, I was automatically thinking of venetian blinds, haha! :>)

you do have a magical view. When I lived in London, I loved to go to Soho, order a juice and just sit outside and people watch, such a vibrant diverse part of the city I loved it, I equally love just sitting outside here and watching the birds go about there business, doing that with some popcorn sounds great xxxx


Haha, that sounds awesome. During my years in cities, I loved people watching too. Even the grumpy ones put a smile on my face. People are fascinating to study / look at :>)

By the way, as you understand, there's hardly any people watching here. I'm not complaining about my view though.

I am about to visit The Netherlands and - afterwards - Berlin though so there will be plenty of people watching coming up.

Here's some positive vibes and...

um abraço

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