My donation to MR4, GOLD, we are #steemsilverGOLD aren't we?

5개월 전

after tracking all the donations we needed some gold


These are my two donations, they are two separate prices for mr4. If you recognize these it's because I just acquired them from @vgholdingsllc, and they should be in the mail this week, so there may be a slight delay on my shipping them out. I don't know much about them other than this pic!!!

Donation #1

  • 25 Dollars George Washington
  • Republic of Liberia
  • Year 2000
  • Weight .73 grams .999 Gold
  • Mintage 20,000

Donation #2

  • 2001 replica of a 1862 $1 coin???
  • Year 2001
  • Weight .5 grams
  • Mintage 20,000

There you go, two donations of gold - as long as all goes well with the good ol USPS. Time to go buy some tickets and abuse the generosity of @raybrockman who has offered to match some ticket buying!!

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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Nice donations can get them ready to send to me....😂😂😂


Sure thing, if you think your going to beat



Omg if you win and i have to ship them back to you, it would be too funny.

Cute little things, do they come with a Magnifying glass?


Lol no idea, probably need one. Will know when I get em!

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Nice one. :-)

That's kick ass @senstless!

@senstless what an epic donation! Remember seeing the setup for this deal.on discord. Really cool of your to do! Thanks for sharing!!

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Holy gold sh-tballs! 😃

That is awesome!!!619B377B-A0E0-40B0-BA7E-40CDC3C4F287.jpeg


Hey now, I don't wear a tie... but the resemblance is uncanny

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Wardrobe change?


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