My entry for "Mr.M Art Contest #5, Theme: Mythological Characters & Creatures"

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This is an entry for @melooo182's Mr.M Art Contest #5, Theme: Mythological Characters & Creatures

Here's the link of the contest, in case you wan to enter:

And here's my entry:

Barong is a mythological creature from Balinese Culture. It's resemblance of a lion in it's form. It's a semigod character that leads the hosts of good. You can read more about Barong here: This is digital-drawing using Photoshop.

Barong adalah makhluk mitologi dari Bali. Bentuknya mirip singa. Ia adalah dewa penghulu kebaikan. Lebih lanjut mengenai Barong bisa dibaca di link Wiki ini :

Done digitally on Photoshop, here's the progress shots:

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Jempol telung njinah :D :D :D

Jempol sak pasar yak..