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A person you do not want to come
Do not force ...

I asked a person in a
You do not want to answer
Forced out of curiosity ...

Just over a person
Do not interested
force ...

A person do anything
You do not want to give
force ...

The person just
Already wanted to defect from running
Were forced to hang on and ...

My heart anymore
He can no longer work
My side is driven by blind force
Working in a

Just as tired
To do without

for him
I think the burden ...

Your hard work
The burden of the side

To be seen in two more
And another one ...

If even near
Will go far, far from the heart
Sure ...

Let's do not force such
It controls my life
The most difficult work

Those doing the hardest work
Passing time
Tighten amazing scent burns beautiful
Must mean acceptance


At the same time, through grit one's teeth
He figures that you want to say

Whether pre-Hands
I can not advance
The bitter time
I will help you decide

I want to be when you want to
Learn a hurry
Had burns your feelings
The answer will be provided

He boosted interest
Here whether
I spent painful episodes that will provide answers

What he wants
In order to accept
I was overcome bitterness
Your time will provide answers

If distance he did not want to flee
I was hurt devote
The trauma
How do you decide what should
Will answer

This time,
Even bitter burns painfully passed
I just want her on the side
Even if you still

A resistance force
He will become a full

At everything
Although it will reclaim place
The time to
It pay dear

the world
How can any kind of injury
The best physicians
The best therapy
How ageless face 7
Immunize yourself
Nurturing the

Credit: image from facebook.

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