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Once, very afraid Xi, a carpenter named the same ...
One day a carpenter
He was sold in a city created for furniture products.
One of the many cash sales as a result. The carpenter who returned to the resulting money bag and carefully packaging.
Somewhere prices and Underemployment robbed him, one holding a gun robbery

"Hello ... You have a lot of money, since I had not known, I'll do ambiguously, sugar cane and cattle, plum, lost your money"

The robbers gun to the worker and carpenter ...
When the carpenter

"Do not know ... if the money back home, my wife will beat me." When the pirates ..

Do more than the testimony of the woman, "You are afraid," he asked. When the carpenter

"I help one be scared ... I want to take my withdrawal.
However, show that they are being robbed
My cap guns observations Piercing
To be robbed, so she wanted to believe that, "whatsoever.

The following year pirates shot taking a carpenter's hat gave Piercing.
Then I return the carpenter oil cap
Rotate took the money out.
When the carpenter

"I did not have problems." Again. Then the pirates
"What can be made you say," he asked
The carpenter

"Because one hole is a hole in the cap
women pirates not to be able to do so alone in boiling script.
Possible inopportune time. I'm scared.
My code vents through Revelation.
Amid a circle so that a lot of pirates
Had fled was abandoned earlier closure and say, A woman can go. Try again back in power again. "

One of the pirates are taking a carpenter's coat once gave out a lot of shot hole

"Else township chairman," he asked.
So the carpenter

Make it a "linked to breast big four" to the time when these pirates

The wife can not "be afraid to boil water, you paste it. There was no gun bullets, Goodbye" and she went out again.

In this time, the carpenter
"Afraid of women have been waiting for this time, but no bullets gun robbery was not afraid Hey," she accompanying carpentry
Pirate's head with a "fight" beep. After its withdrawal, taking the song to be left out of peaceful crisis shows ...

(The wives are afraid to reason, to think of a better understanding says.
"So who better understanding wife wife, fear, fear it gives people a good sense: P

I get lost in life can

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