The Girl

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image gives you some of the women who were strong .....

The woman had a
They thrive ....

This is true of rural ...
some Dim
I became more than a day, some more than grass
Top driving his own car, the money
The issue at our house, a good cup of soup
If you have good, hard branches
own soft, woman ..
She became good pairs.

Men do not need anymore than that
I choose not to be aggressive.
are supposedly awake, my precious love happy happy
The memorial in the ring of a job do not receive

taken to proceed with a width
I found a woman does not cry anymor characterized words.
I dare not give anything nine
If the world because it can
Courage to stay in full ...
A strong step forward and width
I'll stay here and struggle

The woman
According to the woman as across to Perth
Between situations ....
A trust is a family who has given ..
The ability for a bank secure job
I think Saturday
His own experience, where is the difference between knowledge
From when you have some room
They were strong.
Credit image from facebook.

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