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You have the full support of the SNC (steemit nickelback community) You seem like an awesome person and we are with you 100%!!!

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Swoop definitely has my support. He spends a lot of time in PALnet, supports many different shows there, and helps keep the audience-chat light-hearted. He's done a fabulous job with Steemix — which is a wonderful, entertaining service!  I don't see any reason to deny his request to be elevated to Junior Mod and let him test his wings! Go, Swoop! 🙂

UP THE SWOOPER !!!! wait.... as i was saying that i realized it didn't sound right.... lolz


far too close to up the pooper. In saying that... UP THE SWOOPER!!!!


giddy up :P

I believe in you swoop! You would make an awesome mod, I really hope you get the position!

Vote from me, bud!

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Hey brother, if the community(leadership) you serve doesn't recognize your worth, I PROMISE you I DO. If you were to 'apply' for the same position in CANNA , I am sure it would be no brainer. If PAL doesn't decide to 'promote' you sir, it is their loss. WE got you bro.

Very humble, I'm cool with that.

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Soundwaves, Swoop, Rebecca. Whatever you wanna call him, could definetly be a great asset to the moderator team. He may be a touch different to the others but diversity is important. cough cough all the fkn canadian mods I will never get to be a mod there so I would like to live vicariously through him. LET HIM MOD, LET HIM MOD, LET HIM MOD...

I guess we'll have to vote to create a group to vote to decide how to create a group to decide who can vote for your appointment to mod.. 🤗

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Just one ha was all the validation I needed 😏 if trolling is part of the criteria I might run for this gig...

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Not that it's worth much, but – you've got my vote, love. ;)

I certainly support your application. Your efforts to create and keep improving steemix have been an asset to the PAL discord!

I am really happy to hear how you turned your life around!
You go man!
You got my vote @soundwavesphoton!!

Where do we vote? Dm if so

I enjoyed reading this Swoopers, you have my support. Thanks so much for all your work on Steemix, it is a great Palnet project!

Heya Dude, for sure you gert my positive Feedback, for this journey, Sound is one of the first dudes i met in MSP a long time agho, i had an other Name then today but this doesnt matter :D hes a very active Member and when im thinking about MSP his name is one of em im thinking about!! im PRO SWOOP because hes an amzing guy and a proud member of the system, so what do you need more to get a MOD over there i dont know!!! Fingers crossed for you my friend !

Swoops got my support!

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You have my 100percent support brother, you are loving, wonderful and respectful person. You never show unruly attitude when being asked for help. You deserve the best, I pray it work out as you have desired. Tell me how I can be our of help, incorporate others to make it work out.

You would always get my vote!! You are one of the people that made me stay on steemit in the beginning and made me feel supported ... thank you so much for that!! Glad to read you are turning your life to the positivity ...stay on your way and tuned ;) .. <3

I most certainly support Swoop. He is super active and very serious about the things he does. He also knows how to grow fresh air.

this was so nice to read, you got my support Swoop!

Swoop should be mod. He brings good vibes to pal.

I am happy to support Soundwavesphoton for moderator. Thank you for all of the memes, music, & more!

so much better, thanks for taking the time to write a meaningful post.