How Specialization & Conventional Dogmas Project On Body Organs And Their Functions

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I have already written about my doubts regarding the view that things exist separately from one another in actuality, apart from our social conventions, obsession with self-identification and our elaborately conditioned worldview.

When I thought about it more I saw that this obsession with our separation-assumptions has largely carried over into our view on our own bodies and its functions as well. We somehow manage to project the tendencies of separation and overspecialization onto organs and bodily systems without quite acknowledging that they do in fact serve a multitude of purposes all at once all the time, rather than the one specific task everyone is familiar with.

Take the skin for example. We generally feel that the skin is mainly there to protect the inside of our bodies - our muscles, fluids, other organs and so forth from outside influences.


And while many specialists do acknowledge that the skin serves a wide array of functions to most people it doesn't register the same way on a subconscious or even conscious level.

Most people do not consider that the skin is porous and constantly transmits between the inside and the outside. Most people do not consider chemical products that are put on the skin as something potentially hazardous to our bodies' health because we didn't put it "inside" of our bodies, technically. So what harm can it do, right?

We generally do not consider that the skin is a major detoxifier for us and that it would be a great idea to allow for this function to work in an unobstructed manner.

We generally do not associate our skin with our emotional well-being either, despite the fact that these hints can even be found within our everyday-language. "He is thin-skinned", meaning someone has a rather low threshold for being annoyed or mocked. Whole arrays of "diseases" of our skin may try to point us to a problem within our psyche or to an overabundance of toxic influences within or outside of our bodies, but we don't really see our skin this way in general.


And so it seems to be with literally all organs and body areas where single alleged"purposes" exist and are taught but where we don't really care to look further.

The heart simply circulates our blood not realizing the nature of our heart's electromagnetic field, it's keen relation to intuition and our emotional inner landscape, though again it can be found within our language.

Our fingers simply help us grasp things and manipulate our environment, but we disregard and laugh off all notions of other cultures mentioning energetic qualities of each finger and the conscious steering of energetic flow using Mudras.

And so the list goes on, only limited by what we know and allow ourselves to consider about the body parts we think we are so intricately familiar with.

I feel we have a great many surprises ahead of us, not only realizing the multitude of purposes our allegedly 'specialized' organs serve and the interconnections they have to other body systems we don't generally associate them with, but also finding out that heaps of evidence exist to back up these claims that seemed so outlandish when we first heard about them in light of our own conditioning and upbringing in a separation-society of physicality and our (unhealthy) obsession with matter.

If you want to read more on this idea I want to point you to two older articles of mine where I elaborated on this further, check out

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