Is Project MultiVAC the Missing Shard?

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Now, is the time for blockchain technology to move from theory to real world practical applications. The winning blockchain will be able to offer decentralization, scalability and security. The Project MultiVAC plan is to use the sharding technology to provide these three essential features.

Blockchain systems are becoming more blunt, honest and truthful about what they are creating. A good example is the Project MultiVAC. The goal is to create a massive global super computer system that would make science fiction writer Isaac Asimov proud.

Global Computer Creator

Blockchain technology hopes to create a world supercomputer that could mirror the visions of Isaac Asimov in his short story, The Last Question. This short story provides the ICO project with its name - MultiVAC. In the Asimov story, the MultiVAC computer provided power for the entire Earth.

"Let there be light."

The MultiVAC concept is to merge all human beings in the universe with electronic computing power. In order to achieve that goal, a faster blockchain is needed. More specifically, the MultiVAC ICO plans on providing the following three advantages over other systems:

All-Dimensional Sharding
Blockchain Trilemma Flexibility
High TPS & Infinite Expansion

If successful, the blockchain sharding technology could be revolutionary.

All-Dimensional Sharding

Many investors are worried about the scalability of blockchain. High volume dApps require faster processing power. The MultiVAC ICO team promises to deliver the world's first fully sharded blockchain. MultiVAC All-Dimensional Sharding seeks to solve the problem that arises with larger, more complicated applications.

It is similar to moving space shuttles to the moon. There is limited fuel space on shuttle rockets, just as there is limited processing space on the traditional blockchain. MultiVAC All-Dimensional Sharding plans to create smaller ledger units, which can operate faster.

Blockchain Trilemma Flexibility

Flexible sharding allows dApp developers to solve decentralization, scalability and security problems. MultiVAC stakeholders believe that sharding is the only solution that allows for users to accomplish all three goals simultaneously.

High TPS & Infinite Expansion

By optimizing throughput on each shard, decentralized blockchains can achieve industrial capacity. The target is 1,000 x the TPS of Bitcoin. MultiVAC's sharding advantages allow for it to mirror Byzantine consensus processing, storage and message transmission.

Project MultiVAC Timeline

While many ICOs have had very high hopes, very few have been able to achieve real world industrial capacity. That is what the MultiVAC team hopes to change. It believes that sharding is the secret to blockchain success.

During 2018, MultiVAC plans on testing, debugging and updating its system. The goal is for final stress testing and security scanning in the second quarter of 2019. In the third quarter of 2019, the MultiVAC team is hoping to release a blockchain wallet, browser and development toolkit.

MultiVAC Ratings

The MultiVAC team has very good credentials, including connections to Xinrenxinshi, Tianjin University, Harvard University and Microsoft. It feels like the entire world is waiting for the next stage in blockchain technology to be reached. The founding team, token utility and market receive very high ratings.

The proof is in the pudding

The competition and progress to date have lower ratings. In many ways, the first ICO to accomplish this synergy of decentralization, scalability and security will be the prime mover. Bitcoin might become a distant memory.

The world waits for practical blockchain solutions. For some, the MultiVAC team is being faced with the most challenging questions of blockchain practicality. Can they connect the entire world together using the MultiVAC cryptocurrency network? We'll see!

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