Kill Your Children and put them in a barrel of oil

2년 전

Kill Your Children and put them in a barrel of oil

Sick Mind and Ill Man

This is Christopher Watts is accused of murdering his pregnant wife Shanann Watts and their two daughters. His two daughters were found in a barrel of crude oil. He worked in the oil industry.

Its pretty sick in the head this guy

Its a pretty sad story

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What kind of idiot he is? Totally a mad dog as he killed his innocent kids. Really sad to hear the horrible story.


ill in head

Oh my God! Very horrible story. May God protect us all from evil eyes.

A sad and horrible story, who kills his own children does not deserve to live


Hola amigo como estas? es triste leer historias asi, y siempre nos preguntamos como puede existir gente tan mala en el mundo? que pasa por su cabeza cuando mata a sus propios hijos?
Esto es horrible!


Yeah its horrible story

@newmarket65, For sure this is really unfortunate and really cruel act, and it's really shocking and so painful to think also, how an human being can do all these Unimaginable cruel acts. Don't wanted to comment because no words to say.

Wishing you an good day and stay blessed.