How the music world works in less than 3 minutes

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Here is an excellent short video that can help shed light on how the music world works. Check it out!

The smart contract on Muse tackles both sides of the music world. The Master Side (recording side) and the Composition Side (often referred to as the publisher side)
Each side has it's own royalty recipients and its own permissions, independent of the other side. This means the people managing the recording side, don't need the managers of the composition side's permission to correct a typo, or to sell their rights to another party.

We are constantly refining the smart contract in order to allow for a maximum versatility.

Anyway, I just thought this was a great short vid for all of you to wrap your heads around the music world - under the hood.


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Thanks for sharing this!!! I hope more people will watch it. The music business is a crazy playground for talented people. It´s tough...

The concept that free is not free! Tech changes and finally artist can get compensated for intellectual property. Muse is the solution... the video was perfect!


I agree! Muse can be the stop gap. Let’s let the market guide this new solution!

So simple explanation...
Unless you watch something like this you think everything is a piece of cake. But it is not.
So what muse is doing is actually revolutionary.

The consumption of music is expanding at the greatest rate in history and from the most portals ever imagined, the cost of producing music is decreasing, and the number of artists creating and seeking to expose their work and develop careers through the Internet has increased dramatically. As demand grows and Internet piracy wanes, ad-supported and subscription models will generate unprecedented revenues that will surpass even the best of past earnings. And, many astute “music industry-watchers” predict a steep rise in business activity and trade earnings by the end of the decade.

So this is how music industries work.. Knew about that but was always wondering how they make coz i always get the pirate edition whenever i download a song....guess am addicted to pirated additions 😁

Wow are you kidding me? Is this all the music has to go through before we get to here it. Hearing it seems very easy but a lot of hardwork is usually done behind closed doors.

It's really a short video that explains it All from copyright to recording.

How is MUSE doing ? Hope the new guy is catching up to speed and hope you still keep in touch with the old guy that left the job and is now on a part time bases.

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New guy is kicking solid ass! The sprint that just ended was the one where we got to most done!
Drafting an update today.

Simple explanation..
Love the video..
I've been much happier since I started listening to music. The effect of music is heavenly.
And the beauty of it is, there is something for everyone.
Music is not limited to one particular type.

Great video.
Love how you explained it.
In my opinion musical organization is not natural, it is cultural. In fact, it is a mirror of the way in which a culture projects order onto the universe. It is impossible to deliberately organize sounds without an implicit observation of ordering principles: otherwise, there is no basis for the organization and we are simply left with noise. Different cultures have different metaphors and therefore different ways of ordering and parsing reality. Every piece of music consists of abstract structural relationships projected onto the sound world. What and how music means, whether the meaning is abstract or concrete, is encoded in these relationships.

Haha, quick videos like that always explain everything clearly !

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yes, i like music and video muse.
I will also invest as soon as possible with the muse.
hopefully someone will support me.
I'm planning to sell my car.
I will plunge into the digital world.
i will buy some muse coins

Very good post @cob, this is a new science for me, your video explains how music works. That's very cool, because I really like the music, in general everyone is fond of music. Because in my opinion, music is a faithful friend, when we are stressed out and have many problems in the life we live, with we hear music, I feel my soul is comfortable and calm. Thanks for sharing a very helpful piece of information, and hopefully you have a wonderful day.

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Great little video! Go MUSE!!!