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Alive if possible... and quite tech-savvy too. In fact, those are requirements!

Paging all crypto-heads that like getting their hands dirty building code. The Muse source code is out and we've just launched a test network.

Anyone that wants to help out while learning to run a node or become a Witness should join our Slack Team here:

From there join the "testers" channel. Scroll up to july 16th and you shall find the 2 videos that will walk you through setting up a node and announcing yourself as a Witness.

Whether you plan on running a Witness node when the real chain launches or if you just want to help out while learning about Muse, come on down. We appreciate all feedback. (A tester just created this GoogleDoc to help)

Questions are also welcome. Chances are you aren't the only one with that question and everyone will get to appreciate the answer.. I know I know, I'm sure you've heard this a million times before throughout school but it's wisdom I assure you.

This round of testing focuses purely on the back end / blockchain side of things.

Do not expect a finalized product that is easy to build with simple configs. We need testers to give feedback so we can improve upon Muse. Do not expect a GUI either. Our Graphical User Interface is wrapping up and should be finished this week. That's what will allow users to create a MuseID (a.k.a. an account), transfer funds around, vote for Witnesses, claim their stake, etc. Basically this GUI will be for the crypto crowd: the people running the chain and supporting the network - including the traders.

The front end focusing on the music world comes next! We need the chain, wallet, consensus and management to work flawlessly before we promote our music-industry-shattering product to the non-crypto world.


  • Join us on Slack using the link above
  • Tell your friends to do the same
  • If tech-savvy, join the testers channel
  • Scroll up to july 16th to see the videos
  • Give feedback, ask questions, kick some ass
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  ·  3년 전

Glad to see things are going forward!

This si a great project and I'm thrilled to see it coming together!

sounds cool how do i get involved

  ·  3년 전

Join us on Slack!
Then, if you are a programmer, join the "testers" channel. If not, hang out with us in the General channel :)


There is no such channel

From there join the "testers" channel.

OK got it but it was not visible from the web only '#general' and '#random'


yes this is default with slack. Only the 'default' and channels you are subscribed to are visible in the side menu.


OK that's very user friendly then, thanks!

What a Great use of STEEM! Let's use STEEM to find people who are willing to come to work and help make MUSE the number on Music Blockchain in the World.

I'm a musician and looking forward to muse. I don't know quite enough with the tech side yet, I wish i could help.

Going to try this out, just signed on to Slack a min ago. Resteeming for now.

  ·  3년 전

Let's go nice!

thanks for the idea sir