Upcoming June 7th MUSE Blockchain upgrades: Hardfork required

3년 전
in muse

Hi everyone.

Most Witnesses / Block Producers in the #Witnesses channel have already successfully upgraded their node and are ready for the June 7th 15:00 UTC hardfork/upgrade.

You can see the 0.3.0 tagged release candidate here: https://github.com/themuseblockchain/Muse-Source/releases/tag/0.3.0

It includes these fixes:

  • security fixes
  • disable idle witnesses
  • allow tagging users
  • improvements to proposal handling
  • various other fixes

See release notes - https://github.com/themuseblockchain/Muse-Source/releases

Just thought everyone should know :)

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There gonna be some bench release today/tomorrow...


You see technically every functioning needs an upgrade to ensure proper functionality of the system. These upgrades are needed I must say and I can’t wait to see the end result after implementation. Thanks for informing us about this


Mehn, these are some mad ass upgrades coming up on the muse blockchain on the 7th. Its really gonna be a dope hardfoek from what i am seeing here.

Tried downloading the source code but couldnt, dunno if the fault is from my phone though.

I love the effort and dedication you guys are putting into this blockchain. Keep this up.

Looking forward to the hardfork 3.0

always with timely upgrades
love the way it improves user experience

Really nice efforts guys!

really wonderfull post dear@cob