Visit of the Dwarf Car Museum Post #1

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I had the pleasure of visiting an amazing place. It is the Dwarf Car Museum of Maricopa, Arizona
Ernie Adams is the builder and owner of the museum.

My dad really pushed hard for me to make the huge drive out to this place. I've never seen him do that before, so I felt that this must be something special. Boy, was it ever!

There is too much to look at in a single post, so I will dedicate individual cars/topics to individual posts.

These cars are 5/8 scale cars and with exception of the motor and transmission, every part of the car is hand built down to the instruments, headlight bezels, door handles, and trim. When I mean hand built, I mean that every part is painstakingly heated with a torch, welded, hammered, and polished into shape from raw material because there isn't a store to buy 5/8 scale vintage parts from. The motors and transmissions are the only exception. They are Toyota 4 cylinder engines. Ernie combines #1-2 and #3-4 cylinder exhaust together and then combines them together again. This simple trick makes the motors sound like V8 motors when they rev. While the car seems too small to fit in, there is actually sufficient room to fit inside as long you are sitting in the front seats. Not much will fit in the rear seat.

The Museum is free of charge. There is only a donation box. Ernie Adams (the builder-owner) also has a website

This particular one is a 1949 Mercury. This one, Ernie takes on long road trips.







What is amazing is Ernie Adams will talk to you, answers questions, and explain in detail how he makes them. Then he does it all over again and again for each person.

Here are the links to the other Dwarf Car Museum posts

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A terrific way to Split Racing - Dwarf Vehicles possess a lot of things to provide Since they're designed for competition on grime. According to Phoenix, Arizona, the family possessed Casey Cain says his father was constructing the vehicles and Dwarf Car Company has been in operation. Since they're quite similar from a space you've ever seen a Dwarf Car in case, you may have confused it. The disparity is a Dwarf Car although Legends race dirt, while a Legends Car is more at home on asphalt was developed to be raced on grime. Dwarf Vehicles lack fenders since the mud from grime tracks will accumulate under them and bog down the vehicle with weight.

A Legends Car has fender sover. Is the Dwarf Vehicles are a way to provide buck racing, but they're also aggressive and fast, says Cain. From what I have seen, you can purchase a competitive used car for around $5, 000-$6, 000. Completely new vehicles run about $10, 000-$11, 000.". Dwarf Vehicles are and are around for at least 21 years popular in the Midwest and on the West Coast. Many are designed to create the car affordable to buy, but also cheap to race, Cain continues. The majority of the divisions possess an engine claim, which was designed to keep an individual from spending an additional four or five grand on their engine.


Ernie started the dwarf car racing.

This is the first one in existence. It is at the Museum as well.

Nice cars collection.

Cool antique car . Nice for photo shot if just got married . 👍

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What a beauty, one can't just help but fall in love with antique cars!

Lovely classic :) Cheers :)

Those are amazing little works of art. Thanks so much for sharing!!