Mushroom Monday ~ Mount Wellington Fungi

10개월 전


On a very dry day, we hiked a trail on Mount Welling called Fern Glade. It took us through some amazing fern tree scenery, but today we are here for the fungi.


First, we spotted this huge white specimen.


You can see it from several angles. It's probably the biggest I have ever seen.


However, it wasn't the only one. Here are two more. Despite the dryness, they were all soft and slightly damp to the touch.


I'm not so good at identifying fungi.


Photos taken with my Canon SX620 HS on Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia

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Great photos!
I also see this for the first time.
And a glass is the result of your joy from the fact that you
saw this huge white sample? hahaha

Looks like artist conk to me latin name is Ganoderma applanatum. These are good for woodburning designs into the bottom.


Thanks! It's almost sketchbook size for an artist.


Its a good sized one for sure. Just have to figure out a design that will complement its shape.

ps. community tag doesnt do its job if it isnt placed as the 1st tag :P


Thanks. I learned that right after I used it here for the first time.


ah!.. I am late with my advise, then!.. :)

maybe @sketch.and.jam knows. Is it a tropical rainforest area?


Tasmania. Usually more wet than in this photo.