Hardware Jam #06 - Live Acid Techno with Simmons SDS8 / CS Deep Bass Nine / Volca Sample

2년 전

Live Acid Techno - no daw - only hardware sounds!!!

Simmons sds8
Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine
Korg Volca Sample
Studio Projects VTB 1
Phonic MU1002 mixer

Recorded with Ableton Live (no multitrack) and Focusrite Sapphire 6 soundcard

Performed by Alessandro Raise
Produced by Abformal Recordings

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found you from daniel (greenx)

Dope music
Following fellow dawless hero :3

Check my sounds


Sure! Thankyou for the support, nice to meet you :)

cool jam!!! Are you using the tape deck somehow?




Hi greencross, not in this one.. it's just used as a stand :D but in the next videos i will use it as a analog warmer / saturator and as a loop player and synch generator.