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Photo Source http://vlatkostefanovski.com.mk

Vlatko Stefanovski was born in 1957 in Prilep as part of SFRJ (former Yugoslavia) and now Macedonia. First musical steps Vlatko do it at age 13 by playing guitar. Those happy times made some of the best musicians of all time. I am not talking about Yugoslavia artist, i am talking about worldwide musicians. He was one of starting members and founders of his first band (1977) called LEB I SOL. Interesting thing is that first concert was played as foreband of Bijelo Dugme. Bijelo Dugme was then one of most popular rock bands in former Yugoslavia. After that jump start LEB I SOL became one of the most important names in the music scene.

Vlatko was considered as one of makers new genre (etno-rock) but he was not the only one. People described this genre as mixture of rock and etno sound and adding note of jazz style.

Leb i Sol (translated as "Breed and Salt") as synonym of christian tradition "I will eat just salt and bread if i need to but i wont give up ". First music house that published theirs album was PGP RTB in 1977. Since then Leb i Sol made 16 albums touring at the time, all over the world.

Vlatko Stefanovski has decided in middle of 90's to to try as solo guitar player. His solo career was start being very succesfull. “Cowboys & Indians”, “Vlatko Stefanovski trio”, “Sarajevo”, “Kula od karti” etc. Later Vlatko was teaming with Miroslav Tadic, playing solely on acoustic guitar what was opposite from previous playing on electric guitar. Miroslav was on the albums “Krushevo”, “Treta majka”, “Live in Belgrade”, and “Live in Zagreb” giving him whole new acoustic style in traditional Macedonian music.

Vlatko was played and recorded all around the world with many top artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg, Gibonni, Jan Akkerman, Theodosii Spassov Stefan Milenkovic, Kudsi Erguner, Bojan Z., Manu Katche, Toni Levin, and many others. Latest trio (and still playing with them) King of Strings. That trio was made from Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg and Vlatko Stefanovski.

Stefanovski was made unique guitar style and recognizable tone. Simpy, when you hear it you know that is him.


Leb i SolPGP-RTB – 1978

Leb i Sol 2 PGP-RTB - 1978

Rucni Rad PGP-RTB - 1979

Beskonacno PGP-RTB - 1980

Sledovanje PGP-RTB - 1981

Akusticna Trauma PGP-RTB - 1982

Kalabalak Jugoton - 1983

Tangenta Jugoton - 1984

Zvucni Zid Jugoton - 1985

Kao Kakao Jugoton - 1987

Putijemo Jugoton - 1989

Live in New York Third Ear Music - 1991

Antology Third Ear Music - 1995

Croatia records - 2006

Croatia records - 2008

Live in Macedonia - Avalon production 2006

Solo Albums

Zodiac Third Ear Music - 1990

Krusevo MA Recordings - 1998

Gipsy Magic Third Ear Music - 1997

Sarajevo Third Ear Music - 1996

Cowboys & Indians Third Ear Music - 1994

VS Trio Third Ear Music - 1998

Live in Belgrade Third Ear Music - 2000

Jurney to the Sun IFR - Kalan - 2000

Kino Kultura Third Ear Music - 2001

Treta Majka Avalon Production - 2004

Kula od Karti Avalon Production - 2003

Live in Zagreb Croatia Records 2008

Thunder from the Blue Sky with Jan Akkerman $ Damir Imeri

Kings of Strings GAF 2012

Kings of Strings GAF 2013

SEIR Esoteria records 2014

Balkan Fever

Fire & ice

BIG BAND Orkestra Slovenske Vojske 2015

My favourite hit

Text sources http://vlatkostefanovski.com.mk
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