Music I Can't Stop Listening To #1 - Monsieur Periné

3년 전

Formed in 2008, Monsieur Periné hail from Bogotá, Colombia - which came as I surprise to me, because when I clicked play on the NPR Tiny Desk concert linked below and heard the first jazzy, gypsy-sounding chords, I half expected Catalina García, the lead singer, to begin singing in French!

While Monsieur Periné's music might be most aptly described as Afro-Colombian, to point out French influence would not be far off: they pull upon influences from Afro-Colombian cumbia, tango, danzón, bolero, pop music, gypsy jazz, and even 1920s-era, guitar-driven jazz from America. García also sings in a number of languages - Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese.

Other band members include Nicolás Junca (guitar); Santiago Priego (charango, violin, and guitar); Adinda Meertins (double bass); Jairo Alfonso (saxophone and clarinet); Abstin Caviedes (trombone and bugle); Miguel Guerra (percussion); and Darwin Baez.

To date, Monsieur Periné's achievements include Colombia's national gold album award for their 2012 debut album, and a Latin Grammy Award for best new artist of 2015.


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