Music I Can't Stop Listening To #3 - Rex Orange County - Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings)

3년 전

When a friend sent this song to me, I thought it was decently catchy, albeit in a quirky, indie way. Catchy enough to listen again, though, surely. And to listen to again. And again. And....I got the bug.

I simply couldn't stop listening (I still can't stop listening!). I was bopping my head too hard to focus on my computer screen; I was singing it in the shower, in my car; I was humming it as I brushed my teeth, only to have that urge to belt it out swell up inside of me; I was sliding my socks across my bedroom floor in a two-step, arm and hand out like a 70s soul singer, telling an imaginary girlfriend, "Loving is easy, you had me fucked up."

And with that first line, you know that "Loving is Easy" isn't your usual love song. It has a warmth, a boyish charm, but also a homemade swagger. Rex Orange County's lyrics are couched in a warm early-aughts sound (I was reminded of Boy Junior after a couple of listens), helped in part by the claymation-style video. The tone of the piano and strings are accordingly vintage, and the simple drum beat is a testament to "less is more". All in all, this song is infectiously danceable, soft, and sweet all at once. Perfect for when you're cozy at home, in your socks, sliding around and singing to a lover, real or imaginary.

Loving is easy, you had me fucked up.
It used to be so hard to see, Your lovin is easy.
Everything’s perfect.

Loving is easy,
you had me fucked up
It used to be so hard to see.
Your Loving is easy,
Everything perfect.
Please don’t change a single little thing for me.
Listen girl,
When you can’t even hide it
And, It didn’t take forever to find it.
I was all on my own, Almost glad to be alone.

In till love came in
On time, On time.

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