Morrigan's Supplicant (Dark Folk - Classical Guitar - finger picking)

8개월 전

I am bloody
I am complete
I fight for evolution
Of the most curious things
There has come a time
that will pass under this moon
Visions of apocalypse
Can we escape the doom?

Morrigan, my queen,
Im calling to you
Your magick is wicked
I've assembled faces smeared in blue
You told me to run
To build my strength
For when the days comes
I'll be their shield in the rain

I am sworn to protect
The cosmic balance - I will abide
Fate isn't sealed when the Moon
Can break the tides
There will be a day our world becomes ash
We must act quickly or our chance will pass

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This is lovely. I can feel the emotions in this one. You are an amazing artist, @amethystmidnight. :)

I'm a huge fan of dark folk and this is absolutely gorgeous, I would listen to the entire album <3 I have included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!


Im humbled! Thank you!

Well done and well played! Much blessings!


Blessings! Thank you!