Solar Data (Drum & Bass)

4개월 전

Branching out into the stars is our way of continuing the evolution of Humanity. I believe it's our Destiny. This song was inspired by my passion for Space Travel and establishing human life among our solar system and beyond. The beginning track is edited from a ESO (European Space Organization) podcast.

Here's a poem too

You initiated a process
To be wiped clean,
To reset a mind
Eroded by time.
To be unseen
And now what do you find?
What once was a flame
To torch the world
Has risen through ashes,
Embers now feed the dirt.
What was the hurt
That brought you here again?
Did it extend a hand
As you fell through the land?
Spewing, sputtering
It never stops
Your anxiety is elusive
Confusing no doubt.
But to find the Truth behind the glass
Or lose our breath as it takes our last.

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