Happy Birthday Dear @techslut: Accordion Instrumental

2년 전

So this one is naturally dedicated to @techslut for her birthday. I would like to express my great thanks and affection for all of your efforts and work you put for the Israeli Steemit community, which probably wouldn't have existed without you and the time and energy you invest in it. It really shows you care and you love this, so a big thank you and keep the vibe going :)

Also, at the beginning of the video, when I sort of "test" and warm up the instrument before starting to play "Happy Birthday", I actually quote a short phrase taken from a different song, so there's a riddle and a contest for y'all: The first one to link the YouTube video of the quoted song in the comments, will receive a nice 2.5SBD prize (that's about all I have available at the moment). If no one will guess correctly I might throw some hints at the comments.

Happy Birthday Ilana!

P.S. I would have sang for you but I'm a bit sick and my throat isn't the clearest one today... Also if you wonder why I'm so serious, it's because I haven't played the accordion for a while, so actually concentrating in getting it right...
Shot with MI5 front camera in the interior space of my building.
Spread the word, share the love, play the music. ❤

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מקסים. תוסיף מפוחית


אין לי... :P

OMG OMG OMG This is WONDERFUL! <3 <3 <3

Oh, I love this!
Now if I'd seen it during the 7-day window of Steemit opportunity!!
ooh, @melpost, the accordion is a chick magnet? Gotta tell my husband! German polka music has caused widespread hatred of this glorious instrument!

Why is accordion such a chick magnet? Dang it I'm playing a wrong instrument!


It's not the instrument, it's the player... 😉