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Hello good people of Steemit, this is @edprivat, we are blessed today, with some of the dopest songs and artists on Steemit, tagged with the @artzone stamp, certified fresh on this Monday the 18th of March 2019.

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Home - Andrew York

What an incredible cover of this piece by award winning Andrew York, it's amazing how classic guitar has evolved throughout the centuries, some of the chords and intervals remind me more of contemporary jazz than classic, I still find it fascinating, and it's really an incredible interpretation by @mariusfebruary!Thank you!

Drinkin & Smokin

speaking of incredible, here is @heaterville with a brand new beat, and I have to admit, this is totally my vibe. I love the difference between the bass and the beat going half time. What always strikes me is how the simplicity of the beat doesn't mean we should add more. Sometimes less is more.

One drop/ P.I.L. cover

I wasn't familiar with this track from the front leader of The Sex Pistols, John Lydon , really interesting lyrics, and furious guitar playing by @shemzee!

Aleister | Allow Ayahuasca - Music Production

OK... I loved it! It really put me into a trance. Being deaf from one ear, I didn't notice the great the high pitch sounds at the beginning the first time i listened to it. Every plays I discover something new in the track! Well done, totally Ayahuasca type of experience, I almost transformed into my totem animal...

Saturnus - Forest Of Insomnia ( Solo Cover )

It's a miracle!!! we have a full length song by @discouragedones today! That's fantastic, played to the perfection, not mistakes, fingering taken to another level, we at @Artzone love that type of dedication.Thanks for you amazing work! And bravo for the rocking sign at the end :P

"Alien Abduction" by D-VINE & Zig

The intro was longer than some of my songs. I freaking loved it !!! I felt that the greys were experimenting on my brain!!Those two working together is just a treat, we want more !!! That break beat got me good, daaaaaaaaaamn!!!

Zamá - música original para charango por @roman.musica

Wow. Fantastic playing, I loved the harmonics, the use of these augmented chords, there were so fluidity in the way you played it, I was completely taken away to another dimension.

Thanks for reading!!

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our artzonians doing a great job
keep going artzonians

Sweet, great pick of artists!!
I am stoked to be featured amongst them & alongside @onemedia <3
Thank you so much <3

Thank you so much for the mention :)
Congrats to all, excellent reviews, later at night i will listen all of them with more attention.

Imma big fan of each of these artists you featured here today, Ed. Great curation sir!

Thank you for the honor of being featured in the Artzone curation, Ed! Hopefully more Steemians and fewer greys will start probing our works! ;-P

Congratulations @artzone

A great affection for your constant work and appreciation to the artists of this great community.
Good vibes.