Song Of The Day: Pharoah Sanders - Black Unity

2년 전

Oh, the good old days. When reading about this album one thing that stands out is that it was recorded November 24, 1971 and released December 8, 1971. It's two weeks from recording to release. That's an impressive accomplishment.

I can't help think that I'm going to loose my one playlist follower on Spotify after adding this 37 min track. The reason for me turning to Sanders is that I realize he's playing at this years Jazz Festival here in Copenhagen. The concert is completely sold-out by now but I'll be on the lookout for tickets. At 77 years who knows if he'll be back in Denmark again, and I'm still full of regret about not going to Ornette Coleman's last show here.

This album is just full on energy and from the first beat you enter a complete state of trance. Notice the double rhythm section, especially the two basses - one in each speaker - Stanley Clarke and Cecil McBee. The level of intensity only rises until about halfway through, then slowly the band breaks up and the second half is almost like an steam engine slowly coming to a halt. Amazing!

ArtistPharoah Sanders
SongBlack Unity
AlbumBlack Unity
ProducerLee Young

I'll update this Spotify Playlist with available tracks → #songoftheday

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I've been craving a nice long jazz listening session! Gonna throw this on while I do some work. Thanks man

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Artist | Pharoah Sanders |.
It should be pharaoh instead of pharoah.


Well, actually no...


Heh... I posted a track of his a few months ago and had grammarnazi say the same thing. Good post, Astral Traveling is my favorite from him.


Yeah Astral Travelling is great too, I like when he has his spiritual flute moments.

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