🎤 ''Am I Really Livin' '' - Official Rap Music Video by @Benja

3년 전

What's Up!

Around two months ago, I dropped my Oxygen mixtape with some dope HipHop and Rap songs. This song, ''Am I Really Livin' '', was included on that project, but I decided to make a little music video for it, as I happen to like this song a lot.

So be sure to check out my new music video!

Am I Really Livin'

Let me know what you think about the song and the video, any feedback is appreciated! :)

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Hmmm man those lyrics kinda talk about my mindset, not being sure about life at all :)) Nice music for the evening with some joint while light working on some project :) On the other side, I can't imagine this music being played on the concert, it lacks the WOOOHOO energy I need for jumping etc. Great work tho! :) Keep it up!


It's a vibe, a mood, a certain feeling at a certain moment. This track is indeed for those late night and/or laidback moments. For the hype records I always turn up the speed and flows haha.

Thanks for stopping by!


From which town in Netherlands are you? I have a colleague from Rotterdam and he also played in a bad, but indie :D We're sending spotify link to each other like 50% of time in the office hahah :D


I'm from a city called Middelburg, which is like one and a half hours away from Rotterdam. So that's pretty close.


Hah ok, no idea about that one. I really enjoyed Amsterdam and Delft. And spend like 2 weeks in Den Haag :)

You are very talented! The music video fits well the flow of the lyrics. I'd love to know more of the song's background. Congrats on the Curie upvote!

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Thank you for including me on the Author Showcase and the upvote itself. Appreciate the support and extra expore. :)

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Tight track my dude!!

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Thanks @alao! Appreciate you for stopping by Broseph :)

You sound great man. I like the easy smooth flow of your lyrics over the backing track. Good stuff. 😎


That was what I was aiming for, glad you enjoyed it! :)

I loved the unexpected start! I like the mood it sets. Great song and lyrics and wonderfully done editing on the video!


Appreciate the positive feedback! Thank you for listening :)

Simple and nice, the nature and the effect looks perfect to me and the music is beautiful


Hey, thank you. Happy to hear that you liked it! I like to take it simple sometimes.

Thank you for sharing this video, I was always impressed with people who could rap, like the way of such endless texts, mostly there are hot topics and the people who perform sometimes look like hooligans but in reality this is just a style and I believe the time when it started those young people just wanted to change the society and just want to be free and tell whet they think about the community. You performed really very well and I wish you to keep producing your videos, hope you will have support from Steemit community too!


Hey, you're very welcome :) I see your point. Sometimes a certain visual gives the music the attention it needs to lure people in, in order for them to listen to the song and hear the actual message within. In an age like today, less and less people have the time or interest to listen. They need to be ''entertained'' before they want to give it a chance.

At the end, it's all about artistical expression, for me atleast.

Glad you liked it, I will keep it up for sure!

Great job! I liked the editing here and how you let the music speak for itself and added a bit of artistic effects to keep it interesting but not let it take over. I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!


Doing the animations is a first for me, so I'm glad to hear that it was well balanced throughout the video. Thank you for checking it out!

Yep that was nice



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