Trailer for Mini-Documentary about our Radnor & Lee Brazil Tour!!!

4년 전

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 9.03.06 AM.jpg

For those of you following my Steemit blog from the beginning - all the way back in January :) - you will remember that my duo Radnor & Lee (with actor/director Josh Radnor) toured Brazil and Argentina.

Our friend and fellow Steemian @diegopadilha travelled with us and documented our adventures. This soon will become "One Week in Brazil" a mini-doc. But for now, here is the awesome trailer Diego put together for his film.

Big love to you all!

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YES!!!! Brazil!!!! i did my first tour of Brazil in 2012. i was in this same exact dressing room!!! :-) xoxoBK
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I think that was Sao Paulo right? What an awesome gig. Lets go together sometime. I know Josh Radin also wants to play on a bill. So we could have 2 Joshs and 2 Bens :)

Cool! Love the Ben Lee torso drum ;-)

Good to see yoU

Sweet... a major production I see :D Just like U2 did... except for the Virtual Reality part but hey, funds are not the same likely :P


Never cared much for big production. Its cumbersome, expensive and has nothing to do with creating spontaneous moments of transcendence. Give me simple concise delivery from the heart any day over stadium schlock.