Ableton Live 10 Getting Started - 100 Days Ableton Challenge - Day 16

3년 전


Let's start to learn Ableton Live 10. I will try to do it in 10 days from the Udemy paid course. I was wondering if the free tutorials offered by Ableton aren't enough, but if you need a feedback from the instructor, the paid Udemy course is actually a great idea.


In Ableton interface, you have 2 views that you can switch between with the "Tab" key on your keyboard.
First one is the session view, where you can stack vertically different clips/loops and play them clicking on play button. Session view is great for live performance or testing different arranges. To record the clips in different combinations you use arrangement view.

Session View

Arrangement View

Arrangement View Automation

Audio Recording

For audio recording, the most important thing is to set up the audio input and use the metronome (2 circles icon).

Audio Warping

With warping, you can time scratch audio.

Useful features and shortcuts

  • activate headphones icon in piano roll window to hear the dropped notes
  • mouse over the clip in session view + option/key and drag below to clone the clip, the same works for piano roll
  • command + 1 to narrow the grid, for example from 1/4 to 1/16 or command + 2 to widen the grid
  • arrangement view and automation toggle(diagonal line that ends with a wheel on two sides)
  • setup bars to change the switching time between clips in session view, 4 bars preset is nice
  • switching between clip view and detail view with shift + tab keys
    *in detail view you can drag the notes for up or down an octave with shift and up/down keys
  • command + alt to change mouse behavior for scrolling in piano roll
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