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Hell yea, good stuff man.

Nice one, I like the colorful campers and the music, too.


Gotta up my man Bobby R

I've had a personal musical renaissance recently and the discovery of music has been phenomenal. Doors have been opened and may never close. This is on at the moment but by no means one of the top finds:

Jukebox the Ghost, which I first checked out when the guitarist @tommycartoons was posting here last year... I’ve got a list of wayward Steemians to start pestering in the near future...

It was Come Along by Cosmo Sheldrake. Then I listened to the T Swift song you posted - I actually dont mind T Swift.

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Bet you never heard this Bernie... How bout some chillhop with birocratic...

I'm probably the only one on this whole chain, but here it is:


I REFUSE to hit play.


It’s OK. Rick is never gonna give you up and he’s never gonna say goodbye.

I think you already hit Play though. Rick cannot actually be resisted.