So sad M/V [GOD _ DEAR MOTHER]-(10 Reply Upvote)

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GOD: Dear Mother (1999), featuring Jang Hyuk
Music/Lyrics by 2PAC
Arrangement by JYP

This is Korean Sad Music Video God - Dear Mother (어머님께) with English Sub also. From Missing You DVD's Set (1998-2003) Disc #2-2. It's about losing your mother and everything too. Thank you for watching.

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Wow very wonderful art.. I like it your post. thank you so much friend.


Hey man!!! You are very kind!
Thanks for taking the time to comment and for supporting my music!


Ok friend . you are most welcome my friend.


Thank you friend. Let's see you in the future.


You are most welcome friend

@bitcoindollar it's so sad but although very nice art have been made.


right. It is so sad but it is a wonderful song.

Good one buddy!

Nice post.
Keep steeming.

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Your Blog is Very Good @bitcoindollar