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here again a little jam session with the Deluge from Synthstrom. The session consists of only three tracks that have been duplicated to create different versions of each track. In addition, the Behringer Deepmind 12 is controlled via midi with a drone note. You hear this at the beginning and in between. So you can do a lot with very vinous tracks. In any case, I had a lot of fun during the session. I work here with polyrythmics, so that the beats and synth tracks shift against each other. I like that a lot.

produced by LFO-ONE

further releases of LFO-ONE can be found at:
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hier mal wieder eine kleine Jamsession mit dem Deluge von Synthstrom. Die Session besteht aus nur drei Spuren die dubliziert wurden um andere Versionen der einzelnen Spuren zu erzeugen. Zusätzlich wird noch der Behringer Deepmind 12 über Midi mit einer Drone-Note angesteuert. Man hört dies am Amfang und zwischendrin ab un an. Man kann also mit sehr weinigen Spuren eine ganze Menge machen. Ich hatte in jedem Fall sehr viel Spaß bei der Session. Ich arbeite hier mit Polyrythmik, so dass sich die Beats und Syntspuren gegeneinander verschieben. Das mag ich sehr.

produziert von LFO-ONE

weitere Releases von LFO-ONE findet ihr unter:


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Awesome! Following you now. I hadn't heard of this groovebox. Checking it out. Where did you buy it?


Thank you very much, that makes me very happy. You only get the Deluge from New Zeeland, directly from the manufacturer. Here the link where you can look at the device and also order.

At the moment we are working on version 2.0, which makes the Deluge a DAW, everything you can imagine is possible. Sampling, Resampling, FMSynthesis, Subtractive Synthesis or Sampler and Subtractive Synthesis together,..more Viedeos from me you can find here:

Thanks for your upvote and your follower :-)


Wow! It sounds like a dream come true! I have been looking for a workstation like this.


thats fine :-)

In the beginning I thought it would be not for me, but then I started to feel it.. although that kind of intro's are something that are really a deal breaker (I have trouble with listening to these tones lol) I decided to keep listening, and I'm glad I did.. liked it..


Oh that makes me very happy,... thank you very much bushradio

Jaaaa, rockt voll @bushradio!! └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘

Happy to have met you & to have you on the show Wednesday!!


nice too met you, thanks :-)

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Thank you @anouk.nox my Bitshares name is bush-radio

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Nice I’ve been thinking of picking up a deluge


many thanks,.. oh yes Deluge is very nice Groovebox and Synthesizer :-)

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