New Original Song - Nostalgic Night

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Hello everyone! It's been a while. Sorry I stopped with the daily articles, but if I was still writing daily articles, you'd know I accidentally skipped leg day 3 weeks in a row. I have decided to post this new original song for all of you to hear. I wrote this song a few weeks ago, and will explain a little bit more about what it's about later in the article, but first here are the lyrics and the song:

Nostalgic Night
I stand beneath the starry sky
And all around me memories lie
For underneath this firmament
We lay and gazed in wonderment.
But that was once a while ago
Nostalgia's now the friend I know:
And oh the pain of love I knew
When all I think returns to you.
The past comes crawling back to me
When still it's you I long to see.

The blowing breeze let out a sigh
The coursing creek in sorrow cried
The flustered forest did proclaim
That all of nature calls your name.
Or so I thought til rain did fall
A storm is what cruel nature called.
The wind and rain around me roar
But I don't notice anymore;
Nostalgia's looming everywhere
Distracting me from my despair.

Nostalgic night forever lasts
Because I'm living in the past.

Disclaimer: The video makes my right hand look like my left hand, and vice versa


I started writing this song one morning after I got back from Germany. I was having trouble sleeping through the night, and woke up one morning at 5am with the idea for the faster section in my head. I then sent it to one of my old friends, and asked her what she thought, and she suggested I write a beginning section. So I wrote the beginning section. The words for the song are based on the dream that I had. It's not about any personal experience I've had. I'm thinking about making a whole song cycle with a plot centered around the character in this song. I will hopefully publish more songs as I write them.


Thanks for reading/watching this! Please remember that feedback is always appreciated! I hope to post some more this semester, and hope you can forgive me for my recent absence. Thanks again! See you later!

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Thanks for sharing Nostalgic night
Song w/ steemit media:) I hope you enjoyed
It by sharing a beautiful ❤️ song w/ us

Have a nice day

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Thank you for this beautiful piece

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Thanks for sharing , very nice.

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the poem is a piece of art.
like the talented player you are.

Beautiful song, congratulations and thank you for sharing! :)