Piano Performance of Kleine Study (Little Study) from R. Schumann's Album Für Die Jugend

4년 전

Hello everyone, 

       I have been working on this book since September, some days I love it, others I want to throw it into a wall along with my metronome. This is one of my favorite pieces to play; I enjoy thinking of a slow moving stream when I play it. A nice flow, not too fast, not too slow. Anyway, that is why I put the stream as the picture on screen. I'm sorry that I didn't make the Art of War review today, but I had a dentist appointment, so I have a boat load of make up work. Here is Klein Studie by: R. Schumann, played by me.

[Image Source: pixabay.com, License: CCO Public Domain]  

  Also remember to check for: My weekly 7 post, and my weekly piano performance of Christmas pieces.   

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I just upvoted some of your post the pictures are very beautiful,we have something's in common please follow me @scotty777