Rediscovering Music - Hearing it a Second Time

2년 전

Don't Break Yourself!

Stepping away from music and then coming back has been SO valuable. I notice I have a better ear for harmony than I did previously; everything is fresh, and it seems as if I've never heard it before.

(After taking a step back) I find I'm more willing to go back over the basics and learn more - start at the beginning - so that my future creation can benefit.

One recent example is I had a weird urge to check out the psychedelic band Mars Volta. I knew they rocked hard, but taking the time to start at the start, and listen to their entire album has given me new appreciation for them and for sounds.

Sometimes it's important to take a vacation from something, especially if you love it so that you can come back even stronger than before, and grind harder!

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Nice, love The Mara Volta! Juan is the must shreddiest bassist ever.


Holy shit, they're so fucking good. Have you heard Closure In Moscow? It's similar but more structured.

Who else do I need to hear?


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