Impromptu Deck Session // The Scientist by Coldplay (Ukulele Cover)

3년 전

Hi Friends!

I've been a total zone to play chill music lately - which has led to a lot of Coldplay. I was sitting out on the deck, enjoying the sunset and jamming tonight - and decided to record one of the songs I was playing.

I hope you guys enjoy this impromptu, ukulele session on the deck!

XO, Lea


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This one was very pleasant to listen to. Great song choice and "joy factor" while performing it.


aww Thanks Matt. <3

I was thinking about you the other day! I feel like we were talking so much while working on the GOT cover and now it's been a while since I stopped by and said hi! We might need to plan another cover so we can hang out more. lol

I promise I won't take a million years this time. Maybe I should do an uke cover and sing and you can do some percussion? Might be a fun switchup from the flute. I know you are busy - but just throwing it out there for kicks. :)


I'm all for it. I've been pulled all over with plenty of new medical drama at home, so I could use something pulling me toward my drums for many reasons. Reach out anytime via raven.

Your neighbors are so lucky!!!


aww thanks my friend! Luckily - none of them were out making comments tonight. LOL I don't play out on the deck too often - but I've thought I was totally alone before, only to be met with applause at the end. haha

Actually that happened when I recorded the sunset "golden slumbers" video waaaaay back. haha the whole building was out listening.


Lol no way! I bet they loved it! I don’t have any neighbors nearly as cool as you. I wish they would play ukulele or I would even just take a harmonica :)

Heart Smiling Wide, Thank You Lea 💖


Your comment is contagious because it made my heart smile even wider!

Thanks for the lovely comment my friend. <3

George Formby & Chris Martin would been proud of you!! Super cool to have this musical talent and to share it with the community in the twilight!


aww thank you @cryptocurator! There's nothing like hanging out on a cool summer night making music. <3

Well... "cool" is a relative term I guess. It's cool in contrast to the heat of the day. :)

First comment, I just wish to ask where you learned to sing... Your voice is beautiful! :D


Aww that’s really sweet of you! I was in choir in high school, by I’ve never really taken formal voice training.

I would love to take lessons someday though!


I swear that I love your voice! I am happy as I fixed the situation, it was turning too dangerous for me to handle (As an anarchist you can't call police...). Your voice has a sweet tone to it and you definitely know how to coordinate it with the ukelele, do it someday if you wish! There is not really that much that you can improve, you are one of the creators that inspired me to remain in this platform by the way! :D


aww that's so awesome to hear! Hearing that just put a huge comment on my face! Glad you are still here so we can hang out! <3

Great cover! one of the most relaxing voices I've ever heard :3

By the way, have you tried doing a cover of a Spanish song?

I'm going to recommend you one of my favorite bands so far, enjoy~


Oooh this is pretty. I took a few years of Spanish in high school - so I might be able to make my way through it without butchering it too bad. haha Thanks for the suggestion!

One od your Best covers so far - resteem


Wow- thanks for the re-steem my friend! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Sometimes these covers are more fun when they are unplugged and in the moment. Thanks for listening. <3

What a nice voice! Very clean, very nice to hear you!!! you gave me an idea for my daughter who plays the violin so she can play that song!!! Greetings from Venezuela!


aww thanks for that @betzy!! <3 So cool that your daughter plays the violin - it is such a beautiful instrument!

Love it! Well done!

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i absolutely love your vids keep up the great work..nice & quite...

Hi @coruscate ,
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
Thank you.

music scientist sounds good.